Frequently Asked Questions

LeafFilter Gutter Guard Questions

Has LeafFilter™ EVER allowed a gutter to clog?

No…Never. A LeafFilter™ protected gutter will not clog. No debris of any kind will enter your gutters. Only water gets into a LeafFilter™ protected gutter – guaranteed.

Will I ever look up and see a stream of water running over LeafFilter™?

It would be a rare occurrence on a straight run of gutter, but it’s possible in the following situations and locations:

  • At the inside corner of a gutter where two or more roof surface areas feed large water runoff volumes to an inside corner of the LeafFilter™ product.
  • In areas where a second story downspout empties onto a first story gutter and directs a large stream of water onto a small area of LeafFilter™.

To date, most gutter protection systems on the market acknowledge that inside corners and any areas where a second roof downspout empties into a first story gutter are problem “water overflow” areas for their products. A homeowner may request that a valley “diverter” be installed to slow water flow in these areas. Most homeowners see this as a tolerable occurrence compared to the situation where there is total overflow over an unprotected gutter system.

How much rain can LeafFilter™ handle?

LeafFilter™ normally channels more water into the gutter than the downspout can handle. If LeafFilter™ protected gutters overflow, it’s not due to clogs, but to the gutter and downspouts inability to handle a high flow of water. LeafFilter™ has handled heavy downpours from thunderstorms with an estimated 10-12 inches of rain falling per hour on shingled roofs with a 5/12 to 12/12 pitch and rafter spans of 28 feet or less. We did NOT notice rivulets of water coming over the LeafFilter™ product.

Is LeafFilter™ made out of plastic? Is that OK to use on a roof?

This topic has been the area of a lot of confusion and misconceptions.

LeafFilter™ is made out of uPVC, Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, or “Vinyl.”

uPVC is used in a wide variety of other high quality home exterior products, including: siding; windows, weatherboarding, doors, soffits; and fascia trim. uPVC is sun, fade and temperature change resistant. This is actually the same material that the majority of vent stacks and cowls – the pipes sticking out of roofs – are made out of.

Additionally LeafFilter™ contains a titanium dioxide that acts as a UV block or “sunscreen” and aids in color fastness by helping to reflect ultraviolet rays.

The use of uPVC is long proven as a versatile and long-lasting exterior home product. LeafFilter™ is no exception.

Will debris ever sit on LeafFilter™? If so, doesn’t water run over the top of it and miss my gutter?

Debris may sit on top of LeafFilter™ just as it does on any other gutter protection system. You’ll find that rainwater typically runs under debris, into the LeafFilter™, then into your gutter. LeafFilter™ will protect the function of your gutter even with debris on it. Trickles of water may flow over leaf stems or branches, but the bulk of the water will fall “debris free” into your gutter.

What Color Options Are Available for LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards, Gutters and Downspouts?

LeafFilter™ provides gutters, downspouts and gutter guard in a wide variety of colors.

Our installation crews fabricate gutters onsite. These custom, seamless gutters and downspouts are available in any color option.

LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards have almost no ground visibility. One of our key differentiators is that LeafFilter™ does not impact or alter your home’s curb appeal. LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards are offered in Gray, White, Clay and Beige.

What is the longevity of LeafFilter’s™ raw materials?

LeafFilter’s™ body is manufactured from exterior grade PVC that has a service life of 25 years. Our micro guard leaf filter system is made of surgical grade stainless steel.

Your competitors say “Filters clog and need replacement so it only makes sense that LeafFilter™ clogs and will need replacement.” Is this true?

No. LeafFilter™ will never clog. A competitor that claims LeafFilter™ will clog doesn’t understand or is unaware of LeafFilter’s™ unblemished performance record. LeafFilter™ has never been asked for a refund due to a clogged gutter.

Your competitors say “No product can keep out pine needles, oak tassels, maple tree helicopters or shingle grit all the time.”

Yes, LeafFilter™ does. Guaranteed.

How does snow and ice affect LeafFilter™?

LeafFilter™ sits on top of internal hidden hangers in the gutter system, which keeps snow and ice out of your gutters. LeafFilter™ does not cause nor prevent ice cycles or ice damming on a roof. LeafFilter™ will work with heating coils that install on your lower row of shingles and melt snow and ice.

How much per foot does LeafFilter™ cost?

That really depends. Each home is unique and should be evaluated for things like gutter condition, type of gutter, how the gutter is hung, how many inside and outside corners the home has, how high the gutters are, and so on.

The best answer is to request a visit and free estimate from LeafFilter™. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how “non-pressuring” a LeafFilter™ quote or presentation is!

How do I register my Warranty?

Please visit the LeafFilter warranty registration website and fill out the form. Once you’ve completed the form and hit ‘submit’, you will receive an email to download and print your warranty.