Compare LeafFilter™ to Brush Gutter Guards



How LeafFilter™ Compares to Brush Gutter Guards

Brush Gutter Guards
LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection
  • Will trap small items — pine needles, spinners, seeds, etc. — in gutters
  • Will trap large items — pine cones, leaves, etc. — in gutters
  • May require removal in order to clean gutters
  • Birds and other nesting animals will be attracted
  • Short-term solution


  • No holes or openings — only water gets into your gutters
  • No leaves
  • No spinners
  • No pine needles
  • No shingle grit
  • Permanent solution


Brush Gutter Guard Facts:

  • Affordable, low end solution that offers short-term gutter protection.
  • Virtually every type of gutter debris will penetrate or become lodged
  • Extremely difficult to clean lodged debris
  • Not a long-term solution
  • Not an effective solution



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Why LeafFilter

  • No holes, gaps or openings
  • Installs on your existing gutters
  • Does not damage your roof or shingles
  • No clogged gutters..GUARANTEED!