LeafFilter™ Pricing

How much does LeafFilter™ cost?

That's one of the most frequent questions that we hear from our customers. As with any home improvement project cost and quality are — and should be — a large factor in your decision making.

We utilize a full disclosure pricing model – our estimators will provide a comprehensive, all inclusive cost. There's absolutely zero hidden expense. No additional parts, warranty costs, unnecessary gutter repairs...nothing. A LeafFilter™ estimate covers absolutely everything and is effective for up to one year.

Below are some additional questions our customers are asking and ones that LeafFilter™ is happy to address.

In This Section:

Learn How LeafFilter™ Works

  • LeafFilter™ utilizes a medical grade stainless steel micro mesh gutter guard.

    The micro mesh will not rust or corrode and no organic material will grow

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  • The LeafFilter™ micro mesh screen is supported by a patented rigid vinyl frame. The LeafFilter™ frame is made out of uPVC, Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride,

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  • The subtle drip-edge on the front of LeafFilter™ helps keep the front of the gutter clean. Leaves, pine needles and other debris is diverted over

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  • The center I-beam and internal brackets provide unparalleled strength against heavy loads and support the LeafFilter™ frame.


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  • LeafFilter™ can handle heavy amounts of rainwater. We have tested LeafFilter™ and it has performed successfully during thunderstorms with an estimated 10-12 inches of rain

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