At Leaf Home, people are our greatest asset. Across the organization, thousands of employees bring personality and passion to the Leaf culture. From LeafFilter to Leaf Home Enhancements and everything in between, one group has done an excellent job in helping the team grow and get better: HR & Recruiting. To learn more about this incredible group, we sat down with Sean Loboda, Chief Human Resources Officer. Sean is enthusiastic about connecting with people, and discussing the human element at Leaf revealed that the future is bright.  

Leaf: Thank you so much for chatting today, Sean! To start, can you tell me a little bit about what you do here at Leaf Home.  

Sean: My role as the Chief HR Officer here at Leaf Home is comprised of a few key functions to support our most important asset, which is our people. We are truly a people-first business, no matter how you cut it. People are what make our operations tick, right? It’s what keeps the lights on. It’s what satisfies our customers.  

My role is comprised of human resources and employee relations, so think about working with employees or managers on, you know, conflict resolution, performance management, training and development, things like that. 

Then we have a total rewards group that focuses on compensation benefits. This team asks, “Are we incentivizing people the right way, reflective of their contribution within the organization?”  

We have employee engagement as well as another bucket. We also have HRIS. You know that now more than ever, HR relies on technology and data to make decisions. The HRIS team is focused on the system everyone knows and loves, UKG, as well as our people analytics, so how are we looking at productivity, tenure, turnover and retention, and satisfaction to make sure that we continue to be an employer of choice. 

And then we also have talent acquisition, or our recruiting department. That is really two different but connected functions, one focusing on shared services — think marketing IT HR roles, finance roles, call center roles — and then you have your field recruiting teams, so that’s your installation, your event, and your sales employees. 

Leaf: Wow! Your team sounds like it has really grown in the last few years. How many people would you say are in the HR and recruiting teams overall? 

Sean: We started out small when I started my career here in 2019. We were probably no more than about a dozen. We are now — if you include recruiting and the HR team all in one — approaching 80 individuals across the board. It’s pretty amazing to see so much growth. 

Leaf: And speaking of growth, can you tell me a little bit about how Leaf has grown and changed since you joined the company back in 2019? 

Sean: Yeah, it has been incredible. I remember sitting down in 2019 with Chris Brosch and Rocco Mango, I believe. Rocco, the Leaf Home CFO, introduced Chris and said, hey, this is employee number two, right after Matt Kaulig. It was interesting just to see that even through all our growth, he’s still here.  

I guess what I’m getting at is that no matter how big we’ve gotten, we haven’t changed at our core culture or core operating mechanisms. We’re still Leaf to the core, whether we have two employees or now over 3,000, we’ve still stayed true to the TNT culture. Today, not tomorrow. Making sure we make every day a great day. 

Leaf: 3,000 employees! Wow. Do you remember how many employees we had back when you started? 

Sean: When I got here, we had probably around 1000 employees. So we’ve grown quite a bit. 

Leaf: I love that, it has truly been incredible to witness so much growth over the years. You also mentioned that the “TNT mentality” is kind of at the heart of the culture here. Are there any other words that come to mind to describe the Leaf culture? 

Sean: Yeah, I would say this goes along with TNT — today and tomorrow — but there’s a sense of transactional or tactical urgency here. I don’t know that you would find another organization in our industry, or really anywhere else, that has the amount of tactical or transactional urgency than we have. 

Every single team member here is always worried about what they’re doing today, which makes up the weeks, which make up the months, which make up the years… right? As time goes on, that dedication and urgency builds TNT momentum. 

And then I think the other thing is that we’re very supportive of everyone bringing their whole selves to work. We understand that you’re spending more time at work than you typically are at home. You know, if one of us is working from home, we’re bringing the background noise from our pets, or our children, or significant others. Along with that, when you’re in the office, people are bringing their whole selves to work, so I think that’s super important. It builds an authentic workplace where you can be, unabashedly, yourself. 

Leaf: You’re right, that type of culture absolutely builds camaraderie and trust. Is your team working from home right now, then? Or is it a hybrid model, with some days in-office and some days at home? I know you just got that beautiful new space over in the former Leaf Home call center building. 

Sean: Oh, yes, and it is beautiful. My team is operating in a hybrid environment. We’ve been doing that for the better part of a year. It’s been going pretty well!  I think there was a little hesitancy at first. I mean, you haven’t necessarily exercised that muscle of going into the office all the time, but I think by and large our team is very happy they did it.  

It’s a few days a week rather than five. We typically do three days a week to provide some structure, but we’re also retaining flexibility. If someone has something on a Wednesday or a Monday that they need to take care of at home, we give him that flexibility. I think when we start bringing people back to in-person sessions, flexibility is going to be key.  

Leaf: It has been great to have flexibility as a Leaf employee, even before the pandemic changed work as we know it. And I love that you guys are kind of dipping your toes into that transitional hybrid situation. I’ve seen on LinkedIn that, across industries, there seem to be a lot of people that are a little bit uncomfortable with the thought of going back to work in-person. It’s really great to see that your team is leading by example.  

Sean: You’re right about that hesitancy in the world right now. One thing that we have done and will continue to do is listen to employees. We’ve already done a few surveys, and we will continue to do them to understand and monitor peoples’ appetite for returning to the office.  

Leaf: Do you feel like the pandemic and other recent changes in the last few years have shifted your role in HR and recruiting at all?  

Sean: I think it has, and likely for the better in the sense that the pandemic has really forced the entire HR profession to really think about the entire employee experience. Not that we weren’t before, but it just put a renewed spotlight on it. There are more considerations about what’s going on in their home life now than there ever have been because of the pandemic and so making sure that we, as HR professionals. are taking that into consideration. That has been a welcome change to my role and to our department overall. 

Leaf: What a great change! What other changes or goals can we expect to see your team digging into in 2022? 

Sean: We have a ton of objectives this year. Number one is making sure that we are supporting all of the business units in the best way possible from a human capital standpoint. The best thing we can do as an HR organization is continue to support those business units so they can do what they do best. 

Some of our other more tangible objectives this year… We know that during the Great Resignation, turnover and retention have been a challenge for many businesses. Making sure we have competitive benefits and compensation, and just overall rewarding employees in non-monetary ways is a priority for us. Making sure we’re doing that and then investing back in the employees to ensure that we have the right tools, resources, and learning and development options for employees is so important. 

 Last but certainly not least: our diversity and inclusion efforts. That is something that is always at the forefront of our minds. We’ve done a lot this past year that we’re all collectively super proud of and should be as an organization. Bringing to our employees the awareness of what diversity and inclusion is has been a huge win, and I think that’s been really well-received. But we have a lot more work to do there, and fortunately we have the DE&I Committee to keep that momentum going. 

Leaf: The future sounds super bright! But let’s dig into the past a bit more to analyze how we got here. Do you have any proudest achievements at Leaf that you’d like to talk about, or any particular initiatives that your team has spearheaded that you feel super proud of? 

Sean: Oh, where do I start? 

Some of the more recent things include the enhanced performance review cycle. Getting the entire organization to come around to a unified review cycle ensures that everyone is getting objective and timely feedback. Rolling that out across the company in a digital platform has been a huge accomplishment from our team, and it really pulled everyone together. 

I also think one of the things that we should collectively be the proudest of is that we set up a HR and talent department that really is going to support the organization, you know, based on our growth over the next few years. We have the structure, the process, and the people in place now to allow us to continue to scale with the organization and support it. We’re able to put people in the right roles for personal and professional success.  

Leaf: Amazing! Is there anything else you’d like to add?  

Sean: I would say thank you to the employees of Leaf. Without you, we certainly don’t have a place to go to work. Day in and day out, we’re certainly not perfect, although we try to be, but you make this workplace feel perfect. We enjoy working with all of you every single day. 

Leaf: On that note, do you have any advice to aspiring Leaf Home employees, or people that are about to start with Leaf? 

Sean: I would say to spend your first few weeks or months, depending on the role you’re in, just learning. There is a phenomenal level of talent that already exists here that has made this company what it is. It’s worth spending a little while learning about who we are and what we do. 

But then, on the flip side of that, don’t be afraid to interject new ideas or processes or thoughts that you have based on your collective experiences at other organizations. Our organization is really made up of a collection of those best thoughts and ideas and practices. Now that you’re a piece of our puzzle, you are going to bring so much to the table.  


At Leaf Home, we’re all on one team striving for success. Are you interested in exploring opportunities with our team? Check out the Leaf Home careers page to find opportunities near you.   

Leaf Home has brands across North America, and some of our very best people work at local offices. Leaf’s oldest brand is LeafFilter, and many of its offices have operated for more than a decade and a half. To learn a bit about the decade-old Raleigh office, we sat down with Jim Magee, Operations and Sales Manager, to discuss all things LeafFilter. 

Leaf: Thanks so much for chatting, Jim! We’d love to learn a bit about what you do here at Leaf. How long have you been with LeafFilter?  

Jim: Gosh, it’s been a decade, which is wild. I started in January of 2012, so I celebrated my ten year anniversary this year.  

Leaf: Happy ten year anniversary, Jim! Do you remember how many offices we had back when you started?  

Jim: We had just a handful of offices back then. 17, I think? Today, we have more than 150 offices from coast-to-coast. A lot has changed over the years.  

Leaf: So much has changed in the past few years alone, but over a full decade? That must have been mind-blowing to see firsthand. What is the biggest change you’ve witnessed?  

Jim: Honestly, I think the biggest change has been watching the Raleigh office grow. When an office first opens, it’s all very heady and exciting – it’s kind of like this passionate frontiersman mentality, to a degree. We’re bringing a groundbreaking product to a new area; it’s a new frontier for all of us. But then, after a while, you settle into how the business works, you learn from your mistakes, and you grow. And our team has grown.  

Leaf: How many people are on your team? 

Jim: There’s myself, the Operations Manager. Then we have three Installation Managers, an Installation Recruiter, an Installation Trainer, an Installation Admin, two Service Technicians, a Marketing Manager, five Field Marketers, and 18 Sales Representatives. Our team is over 30 people strong right now. 

Leaf: Wow, 30 people! That’s incredible! Can you speak to what drives your team? 

Jim: Yes, 30 people – plus 39 installation crews! While we’ve got an awesome and motivated team, I think it all starts with our industry leaders. Great products, a great marketing plan, and fantastic customer service. We’ve got talented, passionate people across the organization who really care about our customers. On the local level, we don’t just sell things, we create relationships. That and a TNT mentality keeps us inspired. 

Leaf: I love that attitude. It’s neat to see how LeafFilter operates across the nation. Let’s talk a bit more about the local atmosphere. What kinds of unique weather do you see in Raleigh?  

Jim: (Laughs) It’s not too bad here, but any type of “white accumulation,” or threat of, completely shuts everything down. There’s not much here in the way of snow removal equipment.  

Leaf: So funny! Our corporate office is in the Lake Erie snowbelt, so we can’t even wrap our minds around not having an abundance pf snow removal equipment. Tell me more about your team — how do you guys contribute to the success of Leaf Home overall? 

Jim: Since we opened in January of 2012, we have had continued year-over-year growth. Before our territory split in 2019, we were making roughly five times what we made during our first year of operations. And that’s not to mention the tireless support from our employees and customers alike. It’s all that stuff that keeps us going. 

Leaf: Are there any achievements that stand out to you as particularly memorable? 

Jim: Yes, during COVID-19, it meant a lot to be able to keep people working so they could provide for their families. We’re a bit like a family at the Raleigh office. The connection we see daily among our team members is one of the most rewarding things. I’m proud to be part of a team like that. 

Leaf: That’s awesome! How would you describe that tight-knit culture at the Raleigh office? 

Jim: We have a hard-driving TNT mentality. Everyone is competitive and in it to win it. We continue to improve and excel every day. We strive for our customers to be happy and get the best performance possible, but we take a lot of pride in our work on a personal level, too.  

Leaf: It’s so important to be able to cherish and appreciate the work you do. Making a difference in peoples’ lives is huge.  

Jim: I absolutely agree. I very much enjoy going to work every day. The people and culture make this the best company I’ve ever worked for.  


Working for Leaf Home is a treat, no matter which office you call homebase. Are you interested in exploring opportunities with our team? Check out the Leaf Home careers page to find opportunities near you.   


LeafFilter has offices across the United States and Canada. While all share the same values and company philosophy, each office has its own unique team and culture. We sat down with Michael Castrataro, Operations Manager of the Seattle office, to learn a bit about operations in the Pacific Northwest.  

Leaf: Thank you for joining us today, Michael! Can you tell us a bit about your team?  

Michael: My pleasure! Yes, I’m an Operations Manager, I run daily operations for the Seattle market. 

Leaf: When did you join the LeafFilter team? 

Michael: It’ll be four years this May. 

Leaf: Wow, four years! The company has seen a lot of growth and expansion during that time. What kind of changes have you seen on the local level? 

Michael: Oh, yes. I’ve definitely seen a lot of changes… very impressive changes, actually! I think one of the biggest changes that we’ve seen on the local level is monetary – we’re producing a lot more than we were a few years ago, which has a lot to do with team growth. Our location expanded significantly over the years, and we ultimately moved the office about two years ago to a new location that’s quadruple the size of the old building.  

Leaf: That’s incredible, and it definitely puts that growth into perspective. What kind of weather do you guys face out in Seattle? 

Michael: The weather in Seattle is horrible! I’m originally from New York, so it took me a while to adjust to the weather in Seattle. It rains a lot. A lot. But more importantly, we don’t have a very harsh winter here. It very rarely dips down below 45 degrees, but our winter consists of about nine months of just gray, dreary, misty fog. And then we get lucky because come about July, the sun starts to peek out. We have nice dry, warm summers here, very rarely exceeding 80 degrees. 

Leaf: And what does the landscape look like? I know a lot of homeowners with LeafFilter in the Pacific Northwest get gutter protection to prevent pine needle buildup. Is the same true in Seattle? 

Michael: Oh, yes. We have many pine trees out here. 90 percent of what we deal with is pine needles and pollen. There’s a lot of pollen out here, too.  

Leaf: Sounds like your team keeps pretty busy!  

Michael: Yes, we keep pretty busy on the local level. But when it comes to LeafFilter, I consider all of our employees to be a part of the same team. Our call center in Vegas, our call center up at corporate. Our marketing team – they’re out there getting information to the call center. The call center team is doing a great job of setting appointments for us. Moving over to sales, there are 22 sales reps in my office and two more in training right now. Our sales reps are doing a wonderful job connecting with customers – not being too pushy, being polite, caring – and helping those customers solve a problem. Then our install team comes in, and it’s up to them at that point to make sure LeafFilter lives up to expectation and to take what the sales team promised and make that a reality. David , Rob, Casey and Dylan work hard everyday to keep that promise. It’s all about customer service. At the end of the day, the customer needs to be happy.  

Leaf: I love that perspective. You mentioned that two new people are joining your team – that is so exciting! What goes into training for those positions?  

Michael: Training right now for my sales reps is a three-day training, and it’s a mix between classroom and field training. So the reps were in class today from nine in the morning to about one o’clock in the afternoon, and they’re learning the different approaches to selling, the steps that we use in the house – we use a six-step selling process, so they’re learning that. How to present the product, how to measure the product, how the product actually gets installed, and then out in the field they’ll head out with myself on an appointment to go meet a customer. Or they may head out with one of the more tenured reps I have in my office. They might even go out and visit some installations and then hang out with those installers and actually watch the product being installed for a couple of hours.  

Leaf: That is so cool and hands-on! It sounds like your team is very well-acquainted. How would you describe the culture of the Seattle office? 

Michael: That’s a hard question! If you put us all together as a team, I would say that it’s more of a family atmosphere. I’d say my team is very close-knit. If you come to one of our meetings, it’s more of a picnic, honestly. I joke around that we never get anything done because we’re too busy talking and eating. But having a mix of very tenured employees versus new employees is actually very good, because the tenured employees help the newer employees, which I like to see because sometimes it’s not just me up there talking, it’s the person that’s out in the field every single day helping the person that wants to learn. That’s what I like most. It’s a very open, friendly workplace.  

Leaf: It definitely sounds that way, and I can tell that you really love working with this incredible team. Do you think big things are coming for your team in 2022? 

Michael: Yes, of course. Every year we increase our goals from a monetary perspective, and as a team we’re going to hit them. But I also hope we continue to see more of the same in terms of the culture of the office, because it’s fantastic to work with this team.  

Leaf: Do you have any particular memories from working with your team that you’d like to share? 

Michael: Oh, there’s too many memories with this team to count! I still have my first hire here all these years later. The team has grown a lot, but there’s a lot of the same people working here that were on the team when I came into the location. We have a lady by the name of Florence on the team, and she was my first new hire. She’s kind of the mom of the bunch. Florence really keeps things running smoothly. She’s always taking care of everybody, you know? Making sure they’ve got their paperwork together, making sure they’ve got their lanyards and pictures on their lanyards. Some of my favorite memories include seeing Florence take care of everybody and keeping the team on track. 

Leaf: It sounds like you’ve built something really special in Seattle.  

Michael: Definitely, but like I said – we’re all one team, no matter which part of the organization you work in. Building this great company culture has really been a team effort, and I love being a part of it all.  

At Leaf Home, we’re all on one team striving for success. Are you interested in exploring opportunities with our team? Check out the Leaf Home careers page to find opportunities near you.   



At Leaf Home, innovation is an essential part of the day-to-day. Our teams pride themselves at exploring fresh, new ideas every day, but the product development team embraces the future with particular gusto. Today, we’re going to hear from Mike Gori, Vice President of Product Development, about the team behind Leaf’s biggest and best products.  

Leaf: Thank you for chatting with us, Mike! How long have you been with Leaf Home?   

Mike: I have been with the organization for just over five years now. When I came on board in 2016, I was responsible for building out the product development team and strategy. As a team, we have successfully launched multiple new products that have added substantial intellectual property and revenue to the Leaf Home portfolio. 

 Leaf: That’s awesome! How many products has your team worked on? 

Mike: The Product Development team’s primary goal is to drive organic growth via innovation and to protect this growth with a wide moat of patents. To date, we have been granted 28 patents with 12 more that are already filed. At any given time, my Team has about 15 key projects that they are working on to solve problems that will ultimately enhance our customers’ experience of Leaf Home as well as make the business more efficient and profitable. 

Leaf: Wow! And how big is your team now? 

Mike: During 2021, we doubled the size of the team to eight members, including myself. 

Leaf: We love to see that kind of growth. Are you stationed at of the corporate office?  

Mike: Yes, for now. The team works out of the corporate office in Hudson, but we will soon be moving into a new state-of-the-art product development center located at 1696 Georgetown Road, right by the corporate office. If any team members are visiting the Leaf Home corporate office, it will definitely be a must-visit area and experience! 

 Leaf: For sure! It will be a great way to showcase the hard work your team does every day. Can you tell us more about why the work you and your team accomplishes is important to Leaf Home? 

Mike: Innovation is a critical driver of organizational success – and this applies across all functional areas. For Leaf Home, our investment in Product Development represents a very unique competitive advantage, as our competitors have not made this investment. We are the only scaled, national provider of home services that is focused on and facilitates the entire customer experience, all the way from product ideation and concept through installation and service. It’s a remarkable competitive moat which ensures a bright future for all of us here at Leaf Home. 

 Leaf: Love that! Are there any particular products that your team worked especially hard on that we can highlight? 

 Mike: I am excited about everything we are working on! However, we do have three major next generation products that we are currently working that will truly be game changers for Leaf Home Safety Solutions and LeafFilter! It is going to be a very proud moment for all of us to get these innovations out to the marketplace. 

Leaf: We can’t wait to see them! What do you think the future holds for your team? 

Mike: Capability. Attitude and results reflect leadership, and leadership has a tremendous responsibility to develop the capability of their team in order that we may not only offer a current state impact for the organization but also develop a legacy impact. Within the product development team, I am very excited about the growth and capability that each team member has achieved, and I find a great pleasure in witnessing this growth and watching them become leaders and enjoying the pride of their impact. 

The future will hold more of this multiplier impact, especially as the organization continues to grow within its cross-functional collaboration which is critical to launching new products and services. With this in mind, we are especially excited about the broader organization’s investment in other critical areas.  

Leaf: Thanks for chatting with us today, Mike! Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Mike: Yes, total credit goes to my team. They are an incredible team of problem solvers. In total, they bring over 75 years of professional experience, hold over 53 patents, have 12 specialized university degrees, and they continue to lead the entire organization. I also want to thank the broader organization for the support and appreciation it has bestowed upon the product development team over the last five years. Please know we are just getting started and look forward to serving our customers, the organization, and having a major impact for many years to come! 

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Leaf Home. Are you interested in exploring opportunities with our team? Check out the LeafFilter careers page to find opportunities near you. 

At Leaf Home, our brands have a number of offices across North America. LeafFilter, established in 2005, has some of the longest-standing offices and employees as a result. Today, we’re going to hear from Dave Callahan, Operations and Sales Manager of the North New Jersey office, to talk about his experiences at Leaf and what it’s like working with his team.  


Leaf: Thank you so much for joining us today, Dave. How long have you been with the company? 


Dave: My pleasure! It has been a long journey. I’m just finishing up my eleventh year with Leaf! I started back in January of 2010.  


Leaf: Wow! That is a long journey. You must have seen a lot of changes over the years.  

Dave: Oh, yes. A lot of change and a lot of growth. When I got here back in January of 2010, the company had 13 total offices. Now, that number is creeping close to 200 offices. The total revenue for the company that year was roughly comparable to what our office generates by itself now, so our growth has been massive here. We are looking forward to doing even more business in 2022! 

Leaf: Wow, that must have been an amazing change to see. What do you think 2022 holds for your office? 

Dave: More success and more achievement. We’ve already got an amazing culture here. The culture on our team is one of teamwork and positivity. It’s important to me that everybody working here wants to be here and looks forward to going to work every day. If that’s not the case, the New Jersey office is not the right fit for that person. We all help each other out and all have one common goal: making sure the office is as successful as it can be. 

Leaf: I love seeing that level of teamwork. How big is your team in New Jersey? 

Dave: We’re a pretty big office, so we have a rather large team here. We have three installation managers, two service techs, one office admin, 23 sales reps, and over 20 installation crews. Success is truly a group effort, and all of these people make our team special.  

Leaf: That’s great to see! There’s a lot of diversity across our offices, both when it comes to people and when it comes to local climates. What kind of weather does your team typically see in New Jersey? 

Dave: We have the typical Northeast weather here in North Jersey. If you’ve never been to the Northeast, it varies from extremely hot in the summer to extremely cold in the winter. In the spring and fall, it’s rather pleasant. Homeowners definitely deal with a full spectrum of extremes here, so gutter protection is an important line of defense against the elements.  

Leaf: Your team should be proud of making a difference to local homeowners. Are there any other team achievements that make you proud?  

Dave: Yes, my team makes me proud every day. We have grown to be Leaf’s largest office in all of North America. That’s not just for LeafFilter, but the largest office of any vertical. In 2021, we sold the most jobs, most net business, installed the most jobs, and collected the most business of any office in the company while still maintaining the second highest net to gross. And 2022? This year promises to be even bigger.  

Big things are happening at LeafFilter offices across the country! Are you interested in exploring opportunities with our team? Check out the LeafFilter careers page to find opportunities near you.  

One thing that makes Leaf Home particularly special is its employees, local and corporate alike. Our employees at our local offices are diverse in terms of location and backstory, and today we sat down with Rob Plannette, Operations Manager of the Sacramento office, to learn more about his team’s unique story.  

Leaf: Tell me a little bit about yourself, Rob – how long have you been with Leaf Home? 

Rob: So, I started when we opened in California. I think I was the first employee here in this state. It would have been February of 2018 since we opened the office in March that year. 

Leaf: Wow, that’s incredible! You’ve seen it all from day one. How have things changed since the beginning? 

Rob: It’s changed quite a bit. We’ve gone through a lot of people on the production side. A couple were promoted, and a couple found that it wasn’t the right position for them.  

Leaf: What would you say the culture is like in your office, and how many people are on your team? 

Rob: We’ve got about 20 salespeople, three production managers, a trainer, a service tech, an admin… And we actually also have the director in our office and our regional install manager. We’re one big team. It’s not sales versus install… we all get along, and everybody does what they can to make sure the job can get installed and that customers are satisfied and taken care of.  

Leaf: That is so great to hear. A team-effort mindset can truly go a long way. I have to ask… did you ever think you’d work with gutter protection? 

Rob: (laughs) No! When I first got the call… Actually, Chris Counahan called me four times. I ignored him the first three – I don’t do that anymore. When he told me it was working with gutter protection, I was like, “Really?” A friend of mine looked into it for me and told me, “This actually looks like a pretty good company.” We’ve all said it at some point;“It’s just screens over gutters.” But it’s amazing what a difference it makes, and how busy these gutter guards keep us! 

Leaf: Funny… But it’s definitely true that gutter guards make a big difference for homeowners! What is the weather like in the area your team services?  

Rob: We go from May to December without rain, typically. We get, I believe, 19 inches of rain a year on average. We don’t get any snow in Sacramento. We have a really solid team. We have an outstanding marketing department that spreads the word, then generates leads for our call center, which is freaking outstanding, excuse my language. They get the leads to the sales reps, who get jobs to the installers. It’s a true cross-country initiative, and it is amazing to see the word spread about how our product works in different environments, because the U.S. and Canada has a lot of variation in climate. 

Leaf: I love hearing about that. Do you have any proudest achievements, or any particular memories that stand out from working with your team? 

Rob: What stands out is that we’ve really just got a great team. I can’t say that enough. Everybody works together and tries to help each other, which is exactly what you want in a workplace. Even when people move on to new opportunities in the company and elsewhere, it’s always, “Hey, if you need anything…” I think newcomers are often surprised by that attitude. It’s just the culture in our office to really help. 

Leaf: Sounds like you have a really special team. Do you have any advice for people that might consider working with LeafFilter of Sacramento? 

Rob: Be willing to help the customer and the team, and do the right thing morally, ethically, and legally. I look at it like a team. If we’re talking with a homeowner that we met at a home show, for example, I remind my sales team that someone had to find and book that show, and then somebody had to get up that morning and go to that show. Later, somebody had to send their information to our call center representatives to book the appointment, and then they had to call the homeowner to discuss scheduling. It’s a huge team effort all the way through, so you really need that team mentality.  

Leaf: Thank you so much for chatting today, Rob! Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Rob: I really feel that it’s a privilege and honor to work here. We’ve got a great company, and we have an amazing team in Sacramento.  


Working with LeafFilter is truly a team-oriented experience. Are you interested in exploring opportunities with our team? Check out the LeafFilter careers page to find opportunities near you.  

At times, it seems like the only season where gutters are not top of mind is summer. After all, spring and autumn keep gutter cleaning on homeowners’ to-do lists with all the seasonal debris that trees drop. Summer is a coveted break from this annoying chore, but wintertime brings its own set of concerns. While some are primarily focused on clearing snow out of their driveways and sidewalks, others see ice dams forming on their gutters… or worse, as in the case of sagging gutters or entire systems that rip away from the roof.  

Can you install gutters in the winter? How can I keep my gutters from freezing over in the colder months? At LeafFilter, we often field questions from homeowners on our social media pages, and we’re happy to help! However, your questions inspired our team of experts to put together a quick reference guide to answer your most burning questions about wintertime gutter maintenance, concerns, and more. Check it out: 

Should you take down gutters in the winter?

Gutters are important, believe it or not. They are channels designed to carry water away from the most vulnerable parts of a house, like the roof and foundation. When spring showers arrive and snowmelt becomes an issue, the absence of gutters could cause all sorts of problems. The most minor problems are occurrences like disturbance of soil and landscaping in your flower beds, but bigger problems like basement flooding can arise around this time.  

Often, we find that homeowners ask this question because they are concerned about the formation of ice dams. While clogged gutters can definitely cause water to overflow and freeze in the winter, gutters do not cause ice dams.  

Gutters covered with snow, ice, and icicles

Gutter problems often become more visible in the winter.

With the weight of snow and ice, some gutter systems may sag or even rip away from the home. Pictured here is an ice dam, a common condition seen across homes in snowy regions.

What are ice dams?

Ice dams are such a hot (cool?) topic that they have their own Wikipedia page. Essentially, ice dams are massive sheets of ice that form near the edge of a roof. While it is easy to assume that the gutters themselves are responsible for ice dams since they are often covered by ice, they are not the culprit. Ice dams are caused by a loss of heat within the roof, often resulting from somewhere near its peak. As gutters are not typically heated, this is often the portion of the roof that is coldest. As snow melts and slides down the roof, it freezes again upon reaching the colder sections. Don’t stress, however… ice dams are preventable! 

How do I prevent ice dams on my roof?

Ice dams form at the mercy of environmental factors, including air that is below freezing and a nice thick layer of snow that is settled upon the roof. However, there are steps that can be taken to ensure they do not form or to minimize their formation. 

First, increasing and adjusting the amount of insulation in an attic space can help prevent heat loss. You could also consider heat tape (also called heating cables, among other names), which can cause ice dams to melt. However, they’re notoriously ineffective in snowy climates. The cycle of freezing and melting snow can cause ice dams to become even more problematic, damage may incur to shingles, and the risk of electrical fire is elevated with heat cables.  

There’s also another solution, but this one often necessitates long-term planning and a bit of budgeting. Upgrading to a more slippery style of roof, like metal roofs, can prevent a thick, fluffy layer of snow from settling on the roof and freezing. Metal roofs often come with a high price tag, but they also have a long lifespan that stretches beyond that of traditional roof styles. 

An icicle overflows past clogged gutters, causing them to sag

Unprotected gutters may be damaged in the winter months.

Snow and ice can weigh upon gutters, causing potential damage. Here, a clogged, overflowing gutter has warped under the weight of heavy icicles.

Does gutter protection cause ice dams?

Gutter protection neither promotes nor prevents ice dams, as they truly are an issue caused by heat escaping from the roof. However, a quality gutter guard like LeafFilter, can pay off. 

Occasionally, warm winter days will cause snow to melt prematurely. If your gutters are clogged, you may face risk of overflow. When this overflow freezes again, well… it can be both problematic and expensive to address. Icicles may form, and their weight can cause damage to gutters.

Is gutter protection strong enough to last through winter?

Not all gutter protection is created equal! Oftentimes, DIY solutions like screens, brushes, and foam gutter guards can collapse or freeze under the weight of snow and ice. Plus, cheap building materials may become brittle and crack as temperatures fluctuate. However, quality products like LeafFilter are designed to make winter worries a thing of the past. 

LeafFilter Gutter Protection is installed with internal structural support to make both the guards and your home’s gutters strong. Plus, its body is made of uPVC, which is coveted for its ability to withstand the elements. In fact, this is a material that is often found in other element-facing products like windows and doors, so homeowners can rest assured that their LeafFilter guards won’t warp, crack, or fade after a few winters.  

How can I keep my gutters from freezing in the winter?

Still concerned about the risk of freezing? If your gutters are clean and flowing, you can rest easy. Oftentimes, clogs are a major culprit of wintertime issues. LeafFilter’s lifetime warranty ensures your gutters stay clear all year round, which provides additional peace of mind. In many freezing environments, snow will gather inside and on your gutters no matter what you do. If your gutters can be easily reached, walking around the home with a broom and brushing snow off them is a quick and easy way to minimize the risk of ice formation.  

Additionally, ensuring your gutters are properly pitched and free of any leaks, cracks, or other concerns is essential to keeping them in the proper condition to perform. When you work with LeafFilter, our team includes these services with every single installation… unless our team is installing brand new gutters!  

An installer, using a special ladder that leans against the roof rather than the gutters, fits LeafFilter on a home.

Can you install gutters and gutter protection in the winter?

Gutters can be installed in the winter, as these should not disturb brittle shingles or the roof. LeafFilter can also be installed in the winter for the same reason, but other types of gutter protection cannot be installed at this time of year. Many styles of gutter guards are situated under your shingles, which makes working with brittle rooftops nearly impossible in the winter months. This type of gutter guard is also notorious for voiding roof warranties, so it’s best to stay away from any type of guard that disturbs your roof no matter the season. 

Should you knock icicles off gutters?

Icicles, as previously mentioned, may be caused by heat escaping from your roof or from clogged gutters creating overflow. Either way, it’s best not to knock icicles down. In addition to falling debris posing a threat to your safety, large pieces of ice may damage your home. In extreme instances, ice can even cause your gutters to rip away from the roof. 

Can I put ice melt on my roof?

Ice dams and icicles are concerning, but placing rock salt or chemical solutions on your roof and in your gutters is not as good an idea as it seems. These solutions can damage both your shingles and the longevity of your gutter system, so it is best to avoid this method of prevention. 

How does LeafFilter perform in snowy climates?

LeafFilter has many benefits that make it an excellent option for homes in snowy climates. In fact, our corporate headquarters is located in the Lake Erie snowbelt, so we know a thing or two about heavy snow! 

Internal hidden hangers provide added strength to your gutter system, diminishing the risk of your gutters buckling or sagging under the weight of heavy snow and ice. Snow will sit on top of the gutter protection as opposed to inside the gutter, which creates a pocket of air. When the air around and inside the gutter begins to melt the snow, its meltwater will divert through your gutters and away from your home. By keeping your gutters clear all year-round, LeafFilter keeps your gutters prepped to perform as soon as snow begins to melt. 

Can I hang lights with gutter protection?

Hanging lights with gutter protection is as easy as adding clips to your gutters. Our blog offers insight into how to do this at your own home!  

What are the perks of installing LeafFilter in the winter?

Many homeowners opt to wait until spring to address gutter problems. During the winter, our calendars are lighter, which means we’ll be able to schedule your estimate and install more quickly. Plus, off-season pricing can get you more bang for your buck! You can schedule your free estimate today to take advantage of our winter schedule.  

Did you have a question that wasn’t addressed here? The LeafFilter team is passionate about helping homeowners. Connect with us on Facebook to keep the conversation going and to learn more about LeafFilter Gutter Protection.  

LeafFilter has offices across North America, but each one is unique in its culture. Today, we sat down with Matt Perillie, Operations Manager of our Cromwell, Connecticut office to learn more about LeafFilter life in the Northeast.  

LeafFilter: Thanks for chatting with me today, Matt. Why don’t you start by telling us about yourself and how you got here? 

Matt Perillie: I am the Operations Manager and I have been with LeafFilter since February 2015. I started as a salesperson and moved into my current position on August 1 of the same year. 

LeafFilter: What did you do before joining us in 2015? Is this your first career involving gutters?  

Matt Perillie: I had no prior gutter protection experience. I decided to work here because I was looking for a career change and saw that LeafFilter was a quality, growing company. The company culture and “TNT” mindset are what excited me most and guided my decision to begin a career here. 

LeafFilter: Well, we are so happy you joined us! What would you say has changed the most since you started here in 2015? 

Matt Perillie: The most notable change is the speed of the company’s growth as well as that of each office. Here in Connecticut, we have gone through two rounds of reducing the office’s territory size. After each round, we have not only maintained the appointment and sales volume but have shot well past the volume of the prior year. This allows us to keep our installers, sales reps, and service technicians closer to home and allows us to provide the highest degree of customer service. 

LeafFilter: Wow, even growth can be an obstacle. What would you say is the biggest challenge you and your team face?  

Matt Perillie: I think that our biggest challenge stems from that amazing growth. When you grow as fast as we have, you must make adjustments in daily routines, staffing, and expectations, however, our team has done a fantastic job of meeting these challenges and has pushed all of us to become better at our jobs.  

LeafFilter: A wonderful team can really make a difference. Tell us more about yours.  

Matt Perillie: Just like every office, Connecticut is having its best year ever, thanks to my team. Rick, Dan, Sabrina, Efrain, Paul, and Danny are the reason we are successful every day. We do whatever can be done today and never try to put anything off until tomorrow. Our install team is dedicated and pushes to make sure all jobs are done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

LeafFilter: With all the growth happening, we are always in need of more dedicated employees. Why do you think people should want to join our team?  

Matt Perillie: We provide amazing opportunities for career growth here. Developing the skills to overcome daily challenges make it a great place for personal growth and confidence. It’s an exciting time to work for LeafFilter. 

LeafFilter: Speaking of exciting, what excites you about working for LeafFilter? 

Matt Perillie: The opportunity to make today better than yesterday. The company is breaking records on installation, marketing, and sales every day.  

LeafFilter: I love that attitude! What advice do you have for new employees trying to grasp our unique culture? 

Matt Perillie: I would say work hard and follow your team leaders. Each team has a unique dynamic and knowledgeable leader. These managers have all been in your position and can give you the tools to be extraordinarily successful here.  

LeafFilter: Great advice. What do you wish for the future of LeafFilter in the years to come?  

Matt Perillie: I wish that we will consistently continue to grow and constantly provide opportunities for success for anyone that joins the company. Based upon the last six years, the future is whatever LeafFilter sets its mind to. 

Our team is growing every day! Look for opportunities near you on our careers page 

There’s something magical about connecting with the communities you serve. Nobody knows that truth quite like the Event Marketing Team at Leaf Home. This team spends time at events in and around their respective communities to spread the word about our products and services and to learn more about home improvement needs in their areas. To learn more about this team, we sat down with Chris Brosch, Chief Event Marketing Officer, to discuss the Event Marketing Team’s recipe for success.  

Leaf Home: Thanks so much for chatting with us today, Chris! Let’s start by learning a little bit about you. How long have you been with the company?  

Chris: I have been with Leaf since 2005. I was actually the first employee Matt Kaulig hired. So it’s been 16 years. 

Leaf: Oh boy, that’s quite a long journey! Let’s talk about your team – when was Event Marketing born at Leaf, and how many people are on the team now? 

Chris: Event Marketing actually started our business back in 2005. Until Digital Marketing just exploded in late 2015, 2016, Event Marketing brought in perhaps 75 to 80 percent of our customer base. After Digital Marketing took off, we accounted for maybe 25 or 30 percent. It’s still a very large portion of what we do at Leaf. Prior to the start of the pandemic, we had a team of 650 employees. Of course, the pandemic paused events for a little while, so we’ve been kind of resetting our trajectory this year. 

Leaf: Right, the pandemic definitely changed operations for a lot of teams across the world. But now that everyone is finding a new cadence and new normalcy, events are popping up again. Which of our brands are represented at events? 

Chris: Prior to the pandemic, LeafFilter and Leaf Home Safety Solutions were represented at events. As for the future, we’ve launched event marketing for Leaf Home Water Solutions earlier this year. If you walk through home shows, fairs, and other events in Florida and Ohio, you’ll also see our Leaf Home Water Solutions booth.  

Leaf: That is so neat! Can we talk more about the types of shows and events our team goes to? 

Chris: I like to think of Event Marketing as “opportunistic marketing.” We’ll go to any place or any event where there are people. And I call it “opportunistic marketing” because nobody is going to these events to seek us out. “Oh my gosh, we’ve been looking for LeafFilter! Thank goodness you’re here, we came just to see you!” Unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen. But we’re going to seek them out. Auto shows, home shows, you name it, and we’ll do it. 

Leaf: That’s amazing. And for our Event Marketers, we cover mileage and hotel accommodation if needed, correct? 

Chris: We do, yes. We have District Event Marketing Managers and Marketers that travel all over the country for us. So, we do compensate them for their travel and then they get paid a great hourly rate or salary, if they’re a manager. This team is built of people that just love interacting with the public.  

Leaf: That sounds like such a fun job. I can only imagine traveling, getting to see new cities and new places, and then going to fun events where interesting people make conversation. 

Chris: Yes, and it comes with a great sense of team, as well. Currently, we have 44 District Event Marketing Managers. We haven’t opened up Canada yet, and we haven’t reopened California, either. But we have so many pictures of people having fun, whether it’s interacting with the general public, or costumed characters. People do go to some events in costumes, so we’ve got pictures with Batman, pictures next to the Delorean from Back to the Future… you name it, and our team has probably seen it! 

Leaf: This sounds like so much fun! To work as an Event Marketer, it seems like you need not just a good attitude, but a lot of energy, too… right? 

Chris: That’s right, and you need to sustain that energy for the entirety of the event you’re at. It takes a lot of energy and passion, and you need to pass that onto prospects, too. Positive body language, smiles, and a friendly attitude go a long way. 

Leaf: Are there any other traits that aspiring Event Marketers should bring to the table?  

Chris: Absolutely! You need to be a great communicator that’s comfortable speaking with the public, and that great attitude is really the thing that makes our Event Marketers who they are. You don’t necessarily need experience, but we’re looking for people that have that charisma and passion. Management requires a different skillset, of course, just because you need that level of energy plus the ability to carry out managerial duties. 

Leaf: Right, that makes sense. It sounds like a great time to get involved with the Event Marketing team! What does the future hold for Event Marketing, in your opinion? 

Chris: We’re currently doing event marketing for Leaf Home Enhancements, as well. We’re working on standardizing that branch of the program right now, but overall, we’re just going to keep getting bigger. We’re going to keep getting more efficient, and we’re going to keep building up our team. It will be exciting even next year to see us kind of return to the level we were at before the pandemic and beyond. I mean, Event Marketing is just going to explode. 

Leaf: The future is bright for sure! Event Marketing is such a fun team, and the possibilities are really endless. What’s your favorite part of working with such an awesome group of people, Chris? 

Chris: Oh my gosh, it’s the personality. It’s 100 percent their personality and their desire to win. Ron Perkins, Alyssa Stover, and Tim Chesney are our LeafFilter Directors. Lee Gillespie runs LHWS as our Director, and then we have Larry Krempasky who is aiding with Leaf Home Enhancements. Our Corporate Marketing Manager, James Martinez, and Senior Event Marketing Coordinator Raven Whitt, our Regional Managers… That entire group and the Leadership Team really stepped up to relaunch this department. It was 100 percent them. We were able to go out, recruit, build out the schedules and timelines… it was all them. Interacting with that whole team of leaders is my favorite part. They’re charismatic and outgoing, and they’re so positive.  

Leaf: That speaks volumes about both the culture of the Event Marketing team and Leaf… it’s a company full of outgoing individuals that have just an amazing attitude. You’ve been here for so long, Chris, that you must have seen a lot of growth as new team members came aboard. If someone had told you back in 2005 that the company would be where it is today, would you have believed it? 

Chris: *laughs* No. When I joined the company in 2005, if you would have told me that we’d produce the revenues we did in 2016, I wouldn’t have believed it… let alone where we are at today. I knew that we were going places, I believed in the team, but never in a million years would I have thought we would have grown as we have. To start with just one vertical, LeafFilter, and to have expanded into water, safety solutions, and beyond… I am truly honored to be a part of that journey. It’s amazing. 

Leaf: And it’s not over yet! What do you think the future holds for all things Leaf Home? 

Chris: There’s ton of upside for every single employee at Leaf, and not just in Event Marketing. The sky is the limit here at Leaf. It’s entirely up to each employee on what the future holds for them, because we already know that we’re going to keep growing as an organization. We’re going to keep growing, we’re going to keep opening up new locations with each of our verticals… there’s no doubt that there is a tremendous amount of upside for every person in the organization. I love that, as a whole, people tend to work here for a very long time and have a lot of upward mobility. Upward mobility at Leaf gets me excited, and it gets my team excited.  

Leaf: I love that, it has definitely been amazing to see growth for so many on such a personal level. Is there anything else you’d like to add?  

Chris: I just want to give a huge shout out to those directors that helped our team relaunch, and to all the new Event Marketers that have come aboard. The future is really bright, and I can’t wait to see what it holds. 

There’s so much to love about life at Leaf, both on the Event Marketing team and beyond. To discover opportunities near you, visit 

The home improvement industry is spearheaded by a diverse workforce that, fortunately, is growing to include more and more women. Leaf Home prides itself with being a diverse workplace, and a significant portion of its workforce is built up of women. To celebrate the energy women bring to the workplace, we sat down for a chat with LeafFilter’s Julie Biskeborn, a former Commercial Account Manager who recently moved into an exciting new role.

LeafFilter: Thanks so much for joining us today, Julie! We’re really excited to spotlight one of our team members that assists in making the workplace great. Tell us a bit about this new role — you’re now a Regional Sales Training Manager, correct?

Julie: Yes, I am! I was promoted in May. My manager knew from the moment I joined the team in mid-2020 that I love sales, but I also really love developing people. That’s what gets me excited to wake up every single morning. I love training, mentoring, and developing. He saw that early on and he said, “Julie, I’m going to recommend you for this position.”

LeafFilter: That’s amazing, Julie! I can definitely see that level of energy in you. So, you’re mentoring in this new role?

Julie: I’m mentoring, but I’m also doing so much more. My job is essentially to help our sales reps be the best they can be. I do run leads with reps, and when I’m out there in the field, having that rep all of a sudden have that “ah ha!” moment is amazing. It’s like, “Hey, what you’re doing has bigger purpose.” We’re doing so much more than our job description entails. We’re keeping homeowners off their ladders; we’re solving a huge problem that can cause serious damage.

LeafFilter: Yes! The Leaf team is wholly aware of how many issues are caused by clogged gutters, but would you mind providing some perspective on what you’ve seen out in the field?

Julie: Of course. Clogged gutters are a nuisance, but when you see gutters overflowing… That’s going to cause big problems. Problems that, if homeowners don’t address quickly, can cost them a lot of money down the road. Knowing that LeafFilter solves the problem of clogged gutters and protects the home from those damages is amazing. I love seeing homeowners light up when they realize we can actually fix those problems with LeafFilter, and I love also seeing our rep light up when they have that realization.

LeafFilter: That’s such a special moment to have. That must have been really interesting to witness in the past year, however, given the social distancing our team has been utilizing given the global pandemic.

Julie: Oh, for sure. I think that LeafFilter has done a really good job of making sure that we are still a community, despite all of the changes in the world. Even though sometimes you are physically by yourself, I’ve never felt alone in this company. I’ve always felt supported and like I’m part of a team.

LeafFilter: That is so great to hear! There’s definitely a sense of family here.

Julie: And it’s such a supportive family, too. LeafFilter is very forward-thinking. The team is going to give you the tools you need to be successful, period. End of story. That’s one of the beautiful things about this brand and this team.

LeafFilter: And you’ve worked in the home improvement industry before this, correct?

Julie: I’ve worn so many hats over the years. Let me tell you, LeafFilter really does embody the definition of opportunity. I’ve been in the construction industry as a woman, and… well, women aren’t the majority in this line of work. But that’s okay, because this team doesn’t care about the norm. We’re all about breaking the mold. At LeafFilter, they look at your talent and they help you develop your talent, and I think that’s a wonderful gift.

LeafFilter: Yes, we love fostering talent here. It sounds like you’re passionate about it, too! Do you have any advice for readers that might consider joining our team down the line?

Julie: Of course! You have to have a positive attitude and you have to have success in mind. Leadership, they’ll take those traits and your talents, and they’ll develop you to where you want to be. But if you’re looking for a chance for greater success in your life, LeafFilter has an opportunity for you, whether it be in the sales field, whether it be in install, whether it be in management, whether it be at the corporate level. I have never before seen a company with such a dedication to growth… from a personal and professional level.

There truly is something for everyone at Leaf Home, especially if they’re interested in joining the LeafFilter team. Are you looking to find a new opportunity? We’re looking for someone as passionate and as driven as you. Check out our job listings for openings near you.