Taking A Trip Through The Great Lakes Region: Tiny House On The Road

Contributed by Hannah Siegel, LeafFilter Social Media Team Intern. 

Taking in the breathtaking scenery, the LeafFilter Tiny House has rolled into the Great Lakes region. It is journeying across the country to answer questions and put the LeafFilter system to the test continues in states like New York and Michigan. On its journey, the Tiny House will pass by all five of the Great Lakes: Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Superior. These five lakes contain nearly six quadrillion gallons of water, a fact that impacts local weather conditions. 

New York is home to two Great Lakes, Lake Superior near Oswego, NY and Lake Erie in Buffalo, NY. Buffalo is home to Niagara Falls, often considered to be the “Honeymoon Capital of the World” for its charming and romantic milieu. This region isn’t just home to stunning bodies of water but also beautiful forest and stunning winter landscapes. The region’s beauty does not come without its harsh weather conditions, however.

Gutters in the Great Lakes region must be versatile in order to withstand the many elements that make its climate so special. Here are two of the most prominent conditions faced by local homeowners:


  • Cold, Snowy And Harsh Winters


Did you know that the city with the most average snowfall in New York earns a Golden Snowball Award? New York isn’t the only snowy state in this region, as most Great Lakes states see consistent snowfall, freezing temperatures and ice build up for a significant portion of the year. It’s a good thing LeafFilter is installed with internal hidden hangers that are screwed right into your fascia board. Your gutters will be stronger than ever, and you won’t have to worry about snow or ice ripping your gutters away from your home. LeafFilter can even be installed in the winter thanks to a low-profile design that won’t disturb brittle shingles.


  •  Pine needles and Pine cones

best for pine needles


Many of the Great Lakes states have four very distinct seasons, meaning when the seasons change the regions’ dense foliage is impacted. With LeafFilter you won’t have to worry about pesky pine needles and cones clogging your gutters ever again. Our patented system is installed at the optimal angle to shed debris like pine needles while water continues to flow freely through. Plus our stainless steel micromesh screen won’t allow even the smallest of debris through.

Whatever the climate, LeafFilter has got you covered. Schedule a free estimate today, and stay tuned to find out where the Tiny House is off to next. It won’t disappoint!