Repurpose Your Old Ladder: Trade Gutter Cleaning for Crafting

With LeafFilter Gutter Protection installed on your home, you’ll no longer be spending countless hours on your ladder cleaning out dirty, clogged gutters after each passing season. You may not see a reason to hang onto your old ladder, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw it away. Repurpose your old ladder!

We’ve compiled a list of six quick and creative ways to give your ladder a new life in your spare time while giving your space a facelift at an affordable price.  

Before getting started, if your wooden ladder needs a little TLC, you can sand it by hand and finish it off with a stain or gloss of your choice for a polished and elevated vintage look. If you’re repurposing an old metal ladder, you can use a variety of techniques using everyday household items to get rid of tricky rust spots quickly. 

What are you waiting for—let’s get crafting! 

1. Cozy Blanket Holder 

With fall right around the corner, it’s time to get the blankets out, and while there’s no better feeling than getting cozy with a nice blanket, they can leave your space feeling cluttered. But what if we told you that you can take your old ladder and use it as a stylish way to display and organize your blankets? It’s so simple— prop your ladder against the wall and use the steps to drape your blankets over for a new living room statement piece! 


2. Herb Garden 

Regardless of the weather, you can repurpose your old ladder to grow herbs indoors or outdoors all year. All you need are small, hooked pots for hanging off the side of your ladder and all your family’s favorite herbs. You can use seeds or already grown plants – regardless, you’ll be cooking homemade meals with fresh herbs in no time!  


3. Hanging Pot Rack 

Not enough storage space in your kitchen? No problem. You can use your old ladder to recreate the popular hanging pot rack in a few simple steps. For this one, you’ll want to suspend your old ladder from the ceiling using ceiling hooks for an affordable yet trendy upgrade to your kitchen without the kitchen remodel price tag. With kitchens being the most expensive room in the house to remodel, this is a great alternative for those who need more space but don’t have the time or financial resources to invest. So not only are you saving money by upcycling your old ladder, but you’re also adding a new focal point to your space while giving you much-needed room to store all your kitchen necessities. 


4. Floating Bookshelf 

By now, you’ve seen some pretty neat ideas for hanging things from your ladder and the ladder itself. Instead of suspending it from the ceiling for this one, why not try attaching it directly to a wall to create a floating bookshelf? We all know how pricey a new store-bought bookshelf can be, let alone trying to DIY your own version, so it seems like a no-brainer to give this virtually free option a go. Try hanging it horizontally above your sofa or bed or adding it to your home office for extra book storage.  


5. Hanging Plant Oasis 

This one is for all the plant people out there. Do you have a corner in your house with the perfect amount of natural light that your house plants seem to thrive off, but no extra shelf or table space for more? Instead of hanging each plant from your ceiling, try suspending your old ladder to create a hanging plant oasis in any corner of your home. We have a feeling you may like this idea so much that you’ll be looking for more vintage ladders to utilize in your home.  


6. Outdoor Solar Light Chandelier 

Although it’s just beginning to change seasons, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t already looking forward to warm summer nights on the patio. Like the other crafts, suspending your ladder from an outdoor pergola or covered patio is an easy way to give your space a new look at a low price. Instead of pots, pans, and indoor plants, this time, try stringing solar lights on it to give your outdoor space a trendy yet functional facelift. We have a feeling you’ll find yourself having the most aesthetic summer dinner parties in no time! 


While you may no longer need to use your old ladder to clean out your gutters, we hope you can see the value in keeping it around. With all the time you’re saving by having LeafFilter Gutter Protection on your home, you can spend less time on the ladder and more time repurposing it into a visual centerpiece for your home, all while saving money. It’s time to ditch the cleaning and get crafting!