The Future Of Home Maintenance And What It Means For You

You may have noticed in the recent past that there has been a push toward smart technology. Homes all across the world are adapting to include smart speakers, security systems, and automated blinds… but what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Maintenance-free homes, as it turns out, are becoming sought after by members of all generations.

Smart features add an additional layer of security that homeowners have, historically, never had before. An app on your phone that can turn lights on or off can make your home appear inhabited when you are out of town, and the ability to adjust your blinds or turn off your heater from the palm of your hands can assist homeowners in saving money. As different as water sensors and Google Home may seem, smart technology shares one commonality: no matter what form it comes in, smart technology assists in making your home more maintenance free.

This trend, amazingly, has surpassed tech and has started to seep into more commonplace household goods. Fade-resistant siding, composite decking boards, and ever-evolving roofing materials are ensuring that you won’t have to address the exterior of your home for many years to come. This trend has continued to stretch into a variety of industries, and the end result is a preference toward maintenance-free homes.

One of the forerunners in making homes maintenance-free is LeafFilter Gutter Protection. LeafFilter keeps your gutters free of clogs, ensuring clogged gutters will not cause water to back up onto your roof, leak down to your foundation, or cause any additional water damage to your home. Additionally, LeafFilter eliminates gutter cleaning by keeping even the smallest debris out of your gutters, keeping you safe and off of the ladder while eliminating an unfavorable chore.

LeafFilter is one of two brands by Leaf Home Solutions, and both brands are geared at helping you enjoy a maintenance-free home. Leaf Home Safety Solutions, LeafFilter’s sister brand, continues to look to the future by offering anti-microbial bathing solutions, like showers and hot tub-style bathtubs. These lessen the frequency of necessary cleanings, and they help prevent a “floating tub” scenario.

Additionally, stair lifts by Leaf Home Safety Solutions are unlike any other on the market. Many stair lifts require grease or lubricants to keep them in tip-top shape, but Leaf Home Safety Solutions has negated this unattractive upkeep while managing to keep their stair lift lightweight and powerful.

These two brands are the first of many that are continuing a trend toward maintenance-free homes. The future is bright for homeowners and, if this trend provides any insight into the future of home maintenance, will continue to unveil groundbreaking technology.