LeafFilter Is Honoring Our Heroes

Here at LeafFilter, we work to honor our military each and every day. We recognize the extreme sacrifices made by these incredible men and women, and we appreciate their unwavering commitment to serving the country and protecting our freedoms. That’s why, this Veteran’s Day, we’d like to put the spotlight on the heroes working right here at LeafFilter.

Our hometown heroes represent a wide range of military experience — from a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force to a Petty Officer in the Navy to a National Guard Sergeant. We have a deep appreciation for each and every one of our military employees. Whether on active duty, inactive duty, or retired, all of us here at LeafFilter would like to acknowledge the enormously brave acts these heroes have made in the line of duty. For the next few days, we’ll put the spotlight on a few of LeafFilter’s military employees, starting with Jay Armstrong, who is currently deployed on active duty.

Jay Armstrong, LeafFilter employeeJay Armstrong

Currently Deployed
Branch: US Navy
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Years of Service: 14
LeafFilter employee for 2.5 years

Charles Robinson - LeafFilter employeeCharles Robinson

“Veteran’s Day is the one day of the year that has been set aside to remind the citizens of this country that the freedoms they enjoy did not come free or without sacrifice.”
Branch: US Air Force
Rank: Staff Sergeant (E-4)
Years of Service: 9.5 years
LeafFilter employee for 5 years

Dave Shipley - LeafFilter employeeDave Shipley

“Veteran’s Day is a day of reflection and an opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding men and women who make the sacrifices to ensure that the freedoms we have as a nation remain ours to enjoy.”
Branch: US Navy
Rank: Petty Officer 3rd class
Years of Service: 5 years
LeafFilter employee for 5 years

Erica Dexter - LeafFilter employeeErica Dexter

“Veteran’s Day is a time to honor and recognize our heroes. Their great acts of courage, bravery, and selfless service should never go unnoticed.”
Branch: Army National Guard
Rank: Sergeant
Years of Service: 4 years
LeafFilter employee for 2.5 years

James Probyn - LeafFilter employeeJames Probyn

“Veteran’s Day is a chance for people to remember that freedom is not free.”
Branch: US Army
Rank: Sergeant E5
Years of Service: 4 years
LeafFilter employee for 3.5 years

Dave Miller - LeafFilter employeeDave Miller

“Veteran’s Day is a time to give thanks to those men and women who have served their country and at some point in their life were willing to give their life for their country.”
Branch: US Marine Corps
Rank: E-4 Corporal
Years of Service: 4 active, 4 inactive
LeafFilter employee for 6 years

Chris Brocato - LeafFilter employeeChris Brocato

“Veteran’s Day is a time when all of us who have served can wear our colors and be proud of who and what we were.”
Branch: US Navy
Rank: E5 – Petty Officer Second Class
Years of Service: 6 years
LeafFilter employee for less than a year

Even More LeafFilter Heroes

George Achee – U.S. Army Veteran
Mark Kolek – U.S. Army Veteran
Lee Gillespie – U.S. Army Veteran
Terry Walters – U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Tim Barna – U.S. Army Veteran
Christopher Kamysyek – U.S. Air Force Veteran
Michael Evers – U.S. Navy
James Sasser – U.S. Marine Corps
Harry Pittman – U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Chad Martin – U.S. Army Veteran
Brandon Roberson – U.S. Army Veteran
Steven Glock – U.S. Army Veteran

Extending a Big Thank You!

Help us show our unending gratitude for everything these brave men and women have done for our country. Follow us on social media, and show your appreciation by liking and sharing these spotlights. Most of all, remember to show your gratitude for all of our country’s military members this Veteran’s Day. There are tons of ways you can take action. If you personally know a military hero, say thank you in person. If you have any extra toiletries or canned goods, put together a care package and donate to a non-profit dedicated to helping veterans. Volunteer at your local V.A. Hospital, or spend some one on one time with a Veteran and learn about their experiences in the military. Every little action makes a difference.

As a small gesture of our gratitude, LeafFilter offers all active, inactive, and retired military members a year-round 10% discount on the installation of our gutter protection system. Visit our discounts page to learn more.