6 Things To Keep In Mind If You Spend Your Golden Years At Home

In many cases, your home is a little piece of your own identity. You’ve made memories in your home, decorated it according to different trends as the years have marched by, and you now cannot imagine leaving it. However, you’ve likely noticed that your needs have changed as the years have passed, and this trend is not going to change as you ultimately approach and pass your golden years. If you are staying in your home for the foreseeable future, you’ll want to keep these points in mind as your needs change:

1. Fall prevention is key.

Falls are a debilitating reality for seniors. The CDC reports that one in four adults over 65 falls each year, and that your chances of falling again are doubled after you’ve already had a fall. Millions fall each year, and hundreds of thousands are hospitalized. Falls are both dangerous and expensive, so it is essential to tweak your environment to meet your evolving needs.

2. Modifying your home can start small.

While we’re on the topic of falls, let’s take a moment to talk about just how you can prevent them. The first step is to start small—move cables and cords out of the way, relocate rugs, and identify areas where grab bars might be useful. Down the line you may decide to modify your home with upgrades that assist in day-to-day activities, but changes can start small.

3. Accommodate your needs… and your caregivers’.

Do you live with family or have an in-home caregiver? When it comes to home modification, you might want to consider options that meet both your needs and those of your family. Our sister brand, Leaf Home Safety Solutions, offers accessibility products that accommodate everyone in the household. Our stair lifts are slim enough to leave space for others in your household to use the stairs, and they fold away to prevent a trip hazard.

4. Don’t let stairs keep you down!

Speaking of stair lifts, let’s take the time to talk about how your mobility needs are changing. You may have had a fall in the past, or perhaps you are now in a scooter or wheelchair. Don’t let the stairs in your home leave you considering moving into a nursing home. Both indoor and outdoor stair lifts exist, and many (like those provided by Leaf Home Safety Solutions) can be customized for straight or curved stairways. If this isn’t quite your style, perhaps you’ll benefit from a mobility ramp or a vertical lift.

5. Avoid a disruptive renovation.

Yes, your needs are changing. Perhaps you’ve faced a fall in the past, but that doesn’t mean you need to disrupt your lifestyle for a costly, disruptive, and lengthy renovation! There are plenty of options, like walk-in tubs or wheelchair friendly showers that easily fit into your existing space and will not require weeks of strangers marching in and out of your home, making noise and making a mess.

6. Listen to your body!!!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to listen to what your muscles are saying! If you push yourself to complete tedious chores, your efforts just may result in costly and debilitating injuries. If you’ve been falling or experience lightheadedness, it’s probably not a good idea to climb a ladder to clean your gutters. LeafFilter can keep your feet on the ground, and anti-microbial options can help you avoid sinking time into exhaustive cleaning efforts.

You’ve spent some of your happiest moments in your home, and you deserve to spend a lifetime in an environment that you love. Spending your golden years in your own home is certainly possible—just be sure to keep these points in mind to ensure that accidents won’t abruptly change your plans.