Team Spotlight: Creative Department

The LeafFilter family, it seems, is in a constant state of growth. Here at our corporate office in Ohio, a number of teams support operations and ensure everything functions smoothly on a day-to-day basis. While some teams, like customer service and billing, are expected in most home improvement businesses, others are more surprising. Our Creative Department is one group of unsung heroes that’s more than deserving of their time in the spotlight. They beautify everything from our blog here on to our postcards and print items.

Our creative team consists of the following:
Kyle Spisak | Vice President of Creative
Erica Trennel | Creative Director
Cory Hartline | Senior Graphic Designer
Jennifer Matthews-Pate | Social Media Design Manager
René McCann | Digital Design Manager
Lucien Milford | Digital Designer
Justin Domhoff | Visual Asset Manager
Ward Hiney | Videographer

We took the time to chat with Kyle Spisak to learn more about what his team does.

LeafFilter: Thanks so much for chatting with us, Kyle! When did you get started with LeafFilter?

Kyle: I started as Lead Graphic Designer in 2012. Some of the most notable changes the company has undergone since I started are really related to growth. We’ve added 50 or so locations since my time here, and the product development department has allowed us to go out to the west coast as well as Canada. I moved into a position as Creative Director and then Vice President of Creative, and my team has grown tremendously.

LeafFilter: And what is it that your team does?

Kyle: The Creative Department defines, implements and maintains the branding guidelines, imagery and visual standards across all mediums for Leaf Home Solutions and its sub companies. We manage and produce material for publications, online presence, and overall branding.

LeafFilter: That’s really cool! So your team really does a little bit of everything in terms of visuals, then?

Kyle: We do. The Creative Department works with all areas of the company to ensure each department is concisely conveying their message within the visual structure of the brand. The focus of work can range anywhere from designing company-wide print materials, custom event marketing display items and publication ads for each office, to logo creation, website design, digital ads, social media content, email campaigns, video production and photography.

LeafFilter: How do you manage so many different initiatives?

Kyle: We have a very robust team with specific talents in different aspects of design and visual marketing. Within less than a year the Creative Team has strategically built the visual identity for both Leaf Home Solutions and Leaf Home Safety Solutions while continuing to enhance the ever-so-powerful LeafFilter brand.

LeafFilter: So cool! Where can we see your work?

Kyle: You may receive a view of some of Creative team’s most recent large-scale projects within any of our Winter Savings promotions, the rebranding of the corporate offices and the multi-media material for The 2019 Summit Awards.

LeafFilter: Is there anything else our audience should know about your team, Kyle?

Kyle: When you’re able to work with a line of products that you’re passionate about and see the excitement of customers, plus the safety that you provide them while enhancing their home… it’s very gratifying. The Creative Department is the cherry on top of an already great job. We laugh so hard we cry almost every day. They’re a fantastic team!

There’s so much to love about the Creative team! This inspired group of thinkers takes the emotion behind Leaf Home Solution’s brands and brings it to life in a visually intriguing way. To see more of their work, connect with LeafFilter and Leaf Home Safety Solutions on Facebook!