Visiting Appalachia: Tiny House On The Road

Contributed by Hannah Siegel, LeafFilter Social Media Team Intern. 

The LeafFilter Tiny House’s journey down south continues in the Appalachia region. The Appalachian region is a 205,000-square-mile region that follows the Appalachian Mountains spanning from southern New York to Northern Mississippi. The region’s diverse climate conditions, ranging from hot summers to mild winters, give way to dense forests, greenery and bare mountainous terrain. This region includes states like Georgia, where LeafFilter will be put to the test against its various climate conditions. 

Commonly known as the Peach State, Georgia at one point in history produced a large majority of the nation’s peach crop. While output of peaches has declined overtime, Georgia’s plethora of agriculture has remained unchanged. Perhaps one of Georgia’s richest pieces of agricultural history is the presence of Spanish moss.  Spanish moss is frequently found in Deep South culture, partly because of its tendency to grow in subtropical humid climates which is found in many states in this region including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana. One long-standing story of the origin of Spanish moss is titled “The Meanest Man Who Ever Lived.” In this piece of folklore, the man’s white hair grew very long and got caught on trees, creating the Spanish moss we commonly see today quite an interesting thought!

Spanish moss is deeply entwined with southern culture, having been immortalized in literary works and media. Who could forget the iconic “life is like a box of chocolates” scene in Forrest Gump, immortalized in this clip here (and uploaded to YouTube by Aigars Silkalns):

With its many weaving vines and fuzzy hair-like structures, Spanish moss has served various purposes throughout time such as being used for building insulation, as mulch, to make packing material, and as mattress stuffing. In fact, in the early 1900s it was commonly used commercially in the padding of car seats! It is collected in small quantities today, but still often used in arts and craft or as bedding for flower gardens. While it serves many purposes, Spanish moss can also be an annoyance for homeowners, collecting on their roofs and gutters when it’s in full bloom. The solution: LeafFilter!

LeafFilter’s patented system is installed at the optimal angle to shed debris like pesky Spanish moss while water flows freely through. Plus, our system is made out of a surgical grade stainless steel material, so nothing will get in or adhere to it! Click here to schedule your free estimate today! You might be wondering where is the Tiny House headed next? Check back to find out!