Rolling Into The Gulf Coast: LeafFilter Tiny House On The Road

The Tiny House continues its journey this week in the Gulf Coast! Featuring states like Florida, Texas, Louisiana,  Alabama, and Mississippi, the region is known for its mild year-round weather, frequent rain and many water features including the second longest river in the United States: the Mississippi River. The LeafFilter team will be out and about exploring all that this region has to offer, taking in its rich history, learning about its booming industries, and seeing how LeafFilter functions in its various climate conditions. 

Florida is home to a unique region of wetlands, known as the Everglades. At  1.5 million acres, Florida Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in North America. The Everglades are home to large pine trees, marshes and swamplands, and a diverse and exotic variety of animal inhabitants. In fact, many of the ecosystems found here are unlike any others found on Earth. One very special creature present only here is the endangered Florida Panther; currently there are only about 100 left on Earth!

In this region, gutters must be able to stand up to the test of such a variety of different conditions. Here are just a few:

Heavy Rain 


Residents of this region are no stranger to heavy rainfall. Four states within the region rank amongst the rainiest in the United States year round, with Louisiana coming in second, Mississippi third, Alabama fourth and Florida fifth. It’s a good thing LeafFilter is installed at the optimal angle to effectively accept and manage water. This built in pitch combined with its water-permeable stainless steel screen makes LeafFilter the perfect product to help manage the region’s year round rainy season!

Pine and Oak Trees

Oak catkins clogging DIY gutter guards, submitted by a LeafFilter installer

One prevalent ecosystem in the Everglades is Pinelands. The somewhat rocky terrain of these areas is nearly covered in pine trees, oak trees, and a variety of dense flora. Interestingly, the pines and oaks in this area help to maintain the ecosystem by leading to occasional brush fires which help to maintain balance in the environment. These environmental resets do not come without a plethora of pine needles and debris. Not to worry, though, as LeafFilter’s patented system is installed at the optimal angle to shed debris while water flows freely through. Because our system is made out of a surgical grade stainless steel material, not even the peskiest of pine needles or oak tree debris will get in or adhere to it either. 

After enjoying time in the Gulf Coast the LeafFilter Tiny House is onto the next! See you soon in the Midwest!