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How to Divert Water Away From Your House

Diverting water away from your home is important for many reasons. It eliminates foundation erosion, basement flooding and soil and grass deterioration. It is equally important to ensure proper drainage as well as where the water is being diverted. Water can be diverted in many ways: • Storm drains • Swales • Rain Gardens •…Read More

When Should I Replace My Gutter Guards?


Out of sight, out of mind right? Not quite. Not paying enough attention to your gutter system can be a costly mistake. You may not realize it, but an unprotected gutter system will routinely clog with debris. Even if you have installed gutter protection, your gutters may not be immune to clogs, as small gaps,…Read More

Preparing Your Roof for Summer Storms

The month of August and summer heat are the perfect combination for a summer storm. As a homeowner there is nothing worse than not being prepared for surprise summer storms. In this infographic we share tips on how to prepare before and after the storm and how LeafFilter™ can help you do that.

Gutter Protection Installation

Gutter Protection

There are many different kinds of gutter protection systems available to homeowners and searching for the best gutter guard for your home can be a daunting task. When it comes to doing purchasing gutter protection, and looking for a way to end gutter cleaning for life, we suggest doing your research. Depending on your budget…Read More

Why You Need A Reliable Gutter System

gutter system

Gutters should be an important consideration when renting or purchasing a home because of the damage and expense it could cost you down the line. Here we take a look at why you need gutters on your home if you don’t already have them and if you do have gutters but no gutter guards, why…Read More

Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

Best tools for gutter cleaning

If you think the quintessential tools for cleaning your gutter are limited to a ladder and your hands, you’re missing out on accessories that can help make decluttering gutters an effortless experience.