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Maintaining Pest-Free Gutters

February 24, 2015
Amanda Curry
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While it’s inevitable that leaves, pine cones and needles may occasionally make their way into your gutter system, everyone can attest to the importance of keeping pests from infiltrating your home. Gutters certainly serve as an inviting habitat for all kinds of insects and animals, from a secluded hideout for beehives to a perfect perching place for birds. While installing LeafFilter gutter guards will ensure the utmost protection when it comes to protecting your gutter, there are still a few other precautions you can take to keep other areas of your roof void of unwanted visitors. Consider these handy tips from LeafFilter to maintain pest-free gutters:

Most people prefer to see birds soaring through the skies, not resting on top of their homes. Luckily, there are a few renowned techniques to help ensure your gutters and roof don’t become a bird’s retreat. One of the most surefire ways to keep birds off your house is by installing rows of spikes along the most frequented areas of the roof. If you’re concerned about how your house will look with rows of spikes sprouting on top, there are also many anti-bird netting options you can install on your roof, which will help keep birds at bay while not sacrificing your home’s look.

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Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to experience the terror of finding a big beehive lodged along the siding of your house will take any precautions necessary to ensure this is a one-time occasion. To avoid having to bring out the broom or call an exterminator, start scanning the exterior of your home as well as the front and backyard surroundings to scope out any potential bee attractions. If you have tons of flowers all around your house, it’s obvious that you’re at a higher probability of gaining the attention of bees, so try planting flowers that possess less of a fragrance to avoid swarms of these insects. Any holes noticed along the siding of your house are easy places for bees to build a nest, so make sure you seal up any gaps or tears you spot.

“Eliminating traces of water is key for reducing mosquito populations.”

From the annoying buzzing and bites to the potential diseases they carry, mosquitos are arguably the least enjoyable pest to have flying around your house. One of the biggest ways you can reduce the odds of a large mosquito population accumulating is by eliminating any traces of water around the yard. Three of the four life stages of mosquitoes revolve around being in the water, which means everything from puddles to busted water pipes has the potential to become mosquito breeding grounds. They can also be attracted to debris buildups, which is why having gutter guards installed is so crucial to eliminating their presence. Holes in trees are another common gathering place for mosquitoes, so filling them up with mortar can be a sufficient solution.

Rodents are certainly the most unpredictable when it comes to all the different types of home-invading pests. Fortunately, they’re the easiest to detect, whether it’s hearing their footsteps on the roof or spotting them scampering about the yard. If you have trees with branches that loom over your house, you should consider cutting them, as these make for easy access to your roof. Rodents can fit into gaps you’ve never dreamed they could squeeze into, which is why frequent monitoring for holes or openings is essential to keeping them out of the house. Remember, the more clutter you have in your gutter system, the more welcoming an invitation you’re leaving for rodents. Avoid dealing with these pests by protecting your gutters with gutter guards from LeafFilter.