America’s #1 Rated Gutter Guard

Get a permanent solution to clogged gutters with LeafFilter.

Avoid High Gutter Cleaning Costs With LeafFilter

Hiring a gutter cleaner multiple times per year to clean your gutters can be expensive over the lifetime of your home — adding up to thousands and thousands of dollars.

When you purchase LeafFilter, we clean and realign your gutters prior to installing our gutter guard, so you never hire someone to clean out your gutters again.

Gutter with plants, leaves and dirt

One-Of-A-Kind Solution

Our leading micromesh filter provides durability and performance that keeps your gutters safe from common debris.

To minimize build up on top, LeafFilter is installed at the optimal angle to keep your gutters clean and protected year-round.

LeafFilter Beats The Competition Every Time

Don’t waste your money on cheap, ineffective solutions that claim to be clog-free. As the #1 rated gutter guard on the market, no other gutter guard can compare to LeafFilter’s superior micromesh technology.

A cut-away view of Gutter with Leaf Filter installed letting only water through
A LeafFilter installer situates gutter protection on clean, white gutters and secures it with a cordless power screwdriver.

LeafFilter’s Proven Process For Success

Our professional installers have a proven three-step process for success to guarantee your gutters remain clear and clog-free for the life of your home.

Special Financing
Make Monthly Payments!

We offer convenient monthly payments and special financing for 12 months. See financing terms.

LeafFilter Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

With our lifetime, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your gutters and entire home are protected for life.

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Preferred Partner Since 2014
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