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How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Best tools for gutter cleaning
January 23, 2023
Maureen Beard
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Gutter cleaning is messy, dirty, and just plain gross, but it is necessary for a properly maintained home. 

Your gutters do an essential job of moving water away from your home’s foundation. It’s best to clean your gutters at least twice a year for maximum efficiency. Gutter cleaning costs $162 on average. The price will fluctuate depending on factors, including gutter length, where you live, and more. 

How Much Does Professional Gutter Cleaning Cost Near You?

Like most things, where you live plays a big factor in how much you’ll pay for gutter cleaning. Depending on your state, living costs, labor costs, the climate, and how many trees are near your home all factor into gutter cleaning costs. You can contact your nearest LeafFilter office to get your local gutter cleaning cost estimate. 

Here are some average costs you may pay for professional gutter cleaning in the following states:

  • California: $140–$270
  • Florida: $110–$260
  • Texas: $130–$250
  • Massachusetts: $120–$240
  • Illinois: $100–$170
  • New York: $120–$230

Factors That Influence the Cost of Gutter Cleaning

The cost of cleaning gutters will depend on various factors, with square footage being the most significant factor. U.S. homeowners can expect to pay between $119 and $227 for a single gutter cleaning. Additionally, gutter type, the number of levels of your home, and even travel time can impact the cost of hiring a gutter cleaning professional. 

Gutter Length & Home Height

The length of your gutters will affect the cost of gutter cleaning. A single-story home runs between $70 to $120 for gutters that encompass about 200 square feet. In comparison, a two-story home will cost anywhere from $95 to $200 per 200 square feet. When you get to three stories or more, it costs nearly double, between $170 to $425 per 200 square feet. Additional services like cleaning downspouts will add $50–$100 to the cost. 

If your gutters are seriously clogged from being neglected over time, you could be looking at a cost upwards of $500 for the extra time and effort it takes.


It’s pretty simple, the steeper your roof, the higher the cost to clean your gutters. Typically, you’ll see a 15% increase in gutter cleaning costs for a home with a steep roof. There are a few reasons for this, most notably an increase in time, energy, and risk to complete the job. 

Condition of Your Gutters

Expect to pay more if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your gutters. Your gutters will most likely be dirty and filled with debris. Cleaning out branches, soggy leaves, animal nests, and other debris takes more time. Additionally, if your gutters are older, you may need to replace your worn-out guards, caps, or fascia. 

Accessibility to Roof & Gutters

Cleaning on a ladder always comes with some level of risk. If your gutters are easy to access, then you’ll be charged less for gutter cleaning costs. On the other hand, if trees or other objects hinder access to the roof or your home is on a hill, it becomes more difficult to reach the gutters. Therefore, the cost of cleaning your gutters will increase. 

Cleaning Frequency

As stated, you should clean your gutters at least twice a year. If you have lots of trees near your home, you’ll want to schedule a cleaning three to four times a year. A good reminder is to clean your gutters at the start of each season. Also, anytime there is a heavy storm with high winds and lots of flying debris, you want to inspect your gutters to see if they need cleaning. 

Labor & Travel Costs

The cost of labor will always factor into gutter cleaning costs. Gutter cleaning services typically charge by the hour or linear square foot. If labor costs are higher in your area, expect to pay more. Materials and equipment are also included in your gutter cleaning costs. Some gutter cleaning services also charge a travel fee depending on their service area.

3 Tips: What to Ask When Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Service

When hiring a gutter cleaning service, you want to keep a few things in mind to avoid hidden costs. Like any business, gutter cleaning companies include different services in the price quote. The top three things to consider when hiring a gutter cleaning company are:

  1. The quote should include cleaning out the leaves and debris clogging your gutters, bagging the waste, and flushing the entire system. 
  2. Ask if the removal of debris is included in the quote.
  3. Check if they inspect for damage to your gutters and tighten your fasteners during the process. Some companies will throw this extra in for free!

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

As you can see, hiring a gutter cleaner can be expensive. Expect to have your gutters cleaned several times yearly, as they can quickly fill up with dirt and debris. Over the lifetime of your home, this expense can add up to thousands of dollars.

Typically you’ll want to clean your gutters three times a year or at the change of seasons. If you live in a milder climate or don’t have many (or any) trees near your home, you could have them cleaned twice a year. Installing gutter guards can reduce gutter cleaning to a simple wipe-down once a year. 

What Time of Year is Best for Gutter Cleaning?

You can clean your gutters any time of the year. Experts advise the best time to clean your gutters is in the fall when leaves are falling and in the spring after snow and ice have melted. Since gutter cleaning services are in high demand in the fall and spring, expect to pay more. 

To save on costs, have your gutters cleaned in the winter. With demand down in most parts of the country, you’ll find lower prices and, most likely, a few seasonal promotions. Winter is also an excellent time to maintain your gutters, especially in colder parts of the country. Ice and snow build-up can quickly cause damage to your gutter system and roof. 

For those living in areas more susceptible to wildfires, you’ll want to be mindful of keeping your gutters clean throughout the spring and summer. Regularly cleaning debris out of your gutters can help minimize the chances of flying embers from igniting in your gutters. Visit CalFire’s Ready for Wildfire website for more information on wildfire safety, preparation, and state codes. 

Gutter Cleaning: DIY vs. Professional 

Cleaning yourself may seem the easiest and cheapest way to go about gutter cleaning. After all, the only costs are your time and equipment, like a ladder and trowel. But the truth is cleaning your gutters brings added risks. Falling off the ladder is the most significant risk. 

Ladder falls are one of the top reasons for emergency room visits. This is especially dangerous for those with multi-level homes. That’s why it’s best to leave the gutter cleaning to the pros. 

Professional gutter cleaners are more comfortable working on high ladders. In addition, they have the proper equipment to safely lean, reach, and clean out debris while on top of the ladder. A gutter cleaning pro will also be able to identify problem areas and damage to your gutter system. 

Having your gutters cleaned regularly by a professional will ensure your gutters look good and work properly for years to come. You won’t have to worry about water leaks, clogs, pest infestations, or damage to your home, which is worth the cost.

Gutter Guards: The Solution to Gutter Cleaning

If you are looking for a hands-free alternative to cleaning your gutters – there is a solution! A gutter guard protection system, like LeafFilter, will protect your gutters from dirt and debris, allowing only water to get in.

When researching gutter guards, it is essential to keep a few considerations in mind. Gutter guards help reduce the amount of debris that gets in the gutter. Most gutter guards will allow some dirt and debris to enter and can tend to clog. LeafFilter, on the other hand, features a micromesh filter that does not let any debris get in while continuing to allow water to flow through.

No gutter is entirely maintenance-free, but a gutter guard can greatly minimize the cleaning required. With LeafFilter, you can go from climbing a ladder and cleaning your gutters multiple times a year to wiping off your gutters once or twice a year.

In Conclusion: Is Cleaning Your Gutters Worth the Cost?

Maintaining a clean gutter system is vital to protecting your home. If your gutters are clogged with debris, you increase the chance of water damage to your roof and foundation. A damaged foundation can cost you upwards of $5000 in repair costs. Annual gutter cleaning costs are much lower. 

While you can clean your gutters yourself, it’s best to have a trusted professional do the work. A professional gutter cleaner has the experience and proper equipment to clean your gutters safely. In addition, they will be able to identify any potential problems and repair costs. 

If you’d like more information on gutter cleaning costs or installing LeafFilter Gutter Guard, call us at 1-800-290-6106.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2019 and has been completely revamped with up-to-date cost averages and current industry trends.

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