How Gutters Work

Gutters are designed to remove rainwater away from the base of your home with the help of downspouts. In order to be effective, gutters and downspouts must be clear of debris. They must also be properly pitched, or angled, toward the downspouts to encourage the flow of rainwater.

Signs Your Gutters Aren’t Working


If you spot debris piling in your gutters, water stains running down your siding, or your gutters pulling away from the fascia, you likely have clogged gutters.

Improperly Pitched

If water sits stagnant in your gutters, they lay too flat. If the water overshoots the gutters completely, they’re angled too steeply to hold water.


If you spot water dripping from your gutter system, you may have leaky gutter joints or holes from wear and tear.


If your gutters appear to be sagging, they’re likely pulling away from your soffit and fascia. This can be caused by the heavy weight of debris, or too few gutter hangers.

The Damages of Clogged Gutters

When water is not diverted properly through your gutters and away from your home, it can have serious, far-reaching consequences. Clogged gutters can impact your entire home resulting in serious damages like:

Rotting soffit on the roof of a house
Rotting Fascia & Soffit
Asphalt driveway damage with cracking and water
Heaving Driveway
Mold and mildew in the corner of a concrete basement
Mold & Mildew Growth
Vacuum sitting in basement water
Basement Flooding
Dirt and grass alongside a house showing erosion
Landscape Erosion
Basement foundation wall cracking
Foundation Issues
Bees nest inside of a gutter
Insects & Pest Infestation
Shingle damage on a roof
Roof Damage
man cleaning dirty gutters

Why Gutter Cleaning Isn’t Enough

Let’s face it – gutter cleaning is a dirty, time-consuming task that no one likes to do. Unfortunately, whether you decide to clean the gutters yourself or hire a professional to clean them for you, your gutter system will still continue to accumulate debris between cleanings. That’s why cleaning gutters is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

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Prevent Gutter Cleaning For Life

Once LeafFilter is installed on your home, gutter maintenance will become a thing of the past. LeafFilter provides a proven, tested and permanent solution to the damage caused by clogged gutters. See how LeafFilter maintains clog-free gutters.

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