Gutter Cleaning is a Dirty and Costly Job

Gutter cleaning is a dirty, disgusting task that no one likes to do. Climbing the ladder to clean your gutters is daunting, time consuming, and dangerous. The alternative to cleaning yourself is to hire a gutter cleaner, which can add up to thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your home.

man cleaning dirty gutters

Ladders Are Risky

To maintain your gutters, you will have to risk your safety or someone else’s by climbing the ladder time and time again. An unstable ladder and loss of balance can result in devastating consequences. With LeafFilter, gutter cleaning will become a thing of the past.

  • 164,000


  • 300


  • 10 Feet

    Avg. Fall

3 step process for leaffilter installation

Our Process for Peace of Mind

When you purchase LeafFilter, we clean and realign your gutters prior to installing our gutter guard, so you do not have worry about weighing the costs of cleaning again.

  • Clean

    Step 1

  • Realign

    Step 2

  • Install

    Step 3

A cross-section of a LeafFilter protected gutter displays its uPVC frame while maple leaves, needles, and spinners shed from the product's screen.

The Permanent Solution To Clogged Gutters

LeafFilter’s award-winning and patented technology is scientifically designed to keep everything out of your gutters — except for water.

  • Stainless Steel Micromesh

    Will never rust or corrode, and nothing will adhere to the system

  • Installs On Existing Gutters

    Custom fit to new or existing gutters

  • Damage Control

    Helps prevent expensive water related home damages

100% Effective

With no holes, gaps, or large openings, LeafFilter keeps out all types of debris including pine needles, shingle grit, seed pods, and more! Nothing but water will enter your gutters – guaranteed!

  • Twigs & Debris

  • Seed Pods

  • Shingle Grit

  • Pine Needles

  • Moss & Pollen

  • Leaves

  • Snow & Ice

  • Insects & Pests

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“We had new gutters and I had to get up on the roof to clean out the leaves weekly. I’m happy to have my feet on the ground! Thank you LeafFilter!!”

John T.
LeafFilter Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

With our lifetime, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your gutters and entire home are protected for life. 

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