Making Secure Payments

LeafFilter is dedicated to your safety

Congratulations on your new LeafFilter system! We’re excited to help you eliminate gutter cleaning at your home. While your new gutter protection is protecting your home, we’ve taken steps to protect your identity and personal information online.

When making a payment, you’ll be directed to a privately generated link for our secure payment center. This webpage is a security center designed to protect your personal information – this mode of entry ensures that the only individual seeing your credit card information is you, and that your information is not saved to our database … or anywhere else, for that matter. Making online or over-the-phone payments is easy and secure, and our team is ready to help if any questions arise.

How does it work?

The form you are directed to will ask for payment information, but it’s not directly tied to LeafFilter’s database system. After you make a payment, the payment security center will create a token for this single transaction rather than storing your personal information in an online database. This means that your address, account information, and any other information related to your identity will not be seen or accessed by anyone other than you.

I want to call in to make a payment – is this method still secure?

Yes! When you call in, our customer service agents will be able to make a secure payment for you. Our representatives will be able to take your card information over the phone, but our secure payment system will not expose them to your contract information, and your payment information will not be saved in our system. Just like paying online, this secure payment method is a one-time transaction that protects your personal information from risk of being exposed.

What if I have questions?

We’ve taken steps to protect your home and your personal information, and our team is here to assist if any questions should arise. You can always reach our team at 800-749-4566, or you can send us a message on our contact page.