LeafFilter has the best tips and tricks for everything that has to do with your basement. You may not realize it, but clogged gutters can actually cause your basement to flood. In our basements blog category, LefaFilter explains how to keep your basement dry and how to protect your home and valuables from water damage.

Preventing Basement Leaks

When it rains, it pours, especially if you’re unaware of a leak in your basement. If your home isn’t adequately waterproofed, you could be at risk of experiencing extensive damage that can cost pretty pennies to repair. Leaking in the basement can arise in a variety of ways, and not being aware of the potential…Read More

Finishing My Basement – Part 2

If you’ve already read Part 1 of my 3 part series about finishing my basement, you’ll already be up to speed on what’s next. But, if you haven’t, after you’ve planned your project, selected your contractor, gotten financing and begun the process of framing your space, now the fun begins. Now is the time when…Read More