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LeafFilter™, as the leading gutter guard system, aims to help our customers and friends understand how to improve and protect one of their most valuable assets — their home. LeafFilter's blog covers topics related to Gutter Guards, Gutter Cleaning, Do It Yourself, Home Improvement, No Clogs and more.

Garage Makeover Tips

Let’s be honest. It’s tempting to use the garage as a place to dump all of your old and rarely used belongings. Fortunately, a few garage makeover tips and tricks can help you take advantage of your garage and turn it into an organized and functional space that you and your family can enjoy. Here’s…Read More

Garage Security Tips

You live in a nice quiet neighborhood and never advertise when you’ll be leaving town. You lock your doors and windows at night. You’ve even got the protection of a neighborhood watch group. With all of this protection, you may think your home is immune to burglars, but think again! Isolated from living areas, the…Read More

Carpet vs. Hardwood Floors

Are you a homeowner considering all of the flooring options for your home? If so, you may be wondering whether carpet or hardwood floors would be best for your particular space. You’re in luck because LeafFilter compiled this handy flooring guide that will help you determine which option is right for you and your family….Read More

Why Foam Gutter Guards Aren’t Worth It

With so many gutter guard options on the market these days, it can be a real challenge to determine which ones are worth the investment. If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution to clogged gutters, a foam gutter guard solution is not your best bet. Read on to learn about the issues with foam gutter…Read More

Gutter Cleaning Schedule

Gutter cleaning: a dreaded task that unfortunately has to be done multiple times per year. But, often times we fail to understand why gutters must be kept clear and clog-free and how it affects our home when left neglected. In this article, we explain how often gutters should be cleaned, why it’s important, and the…Read More

5 Ways to Stay Warm Without Electricity

Due to extreme weather conditions, power outages during the winter months are bound to happen at one point or another. If you are not prepared, they can be quite brutal for you and your family. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for power outages and stay warm when your…Read More

Unique Fireplace Mantel Ideas

It is said that the hearth is the heart of the home. So, if your home has a fireplace, it likely acts as a focal point in your living area. How you decorate your fireplace mantel can set the whole tone of the room. You don’t have to stick with the traditional brick fireplace. There…Read More

Holiday Décor Safety Tips

If you’re planning on decorating your home for the holiday season, beware! Many holiday decorations pose fire and safety hazards. Don’t spoil the holidays by falling victim to preventable disasters like house fires or injuries. These holiday décor safety tips will keep you and your family out of harm’s way this holiday season. Practice Ladder…Read More

Why Attic Ventilation is Important

Let’s face it – your attic is out of sight out of mind, so chances are pretty good you don’t think about it until something goes wrong. However, the condition of the attic can impact your entire home, so it’s imperative that it not be neglected. Having adequate attic ventilation and insulation will ensure that…Read More

How to Insulate a Garage Door

If you have not insulated your garage door, you are missing out! Insulating your garage door can bring you as a homeowner a variety of benefits. Often times, an insulated garage door leads to a stronger door, climate control in the garage, less noise in your home if your garage is attached, improved vehicle performance,…Read More