LeafFilter Reviews


Awards and accolades are great – what’s better are the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers that no longer have to worry about gutter cleaning thanks to leaf filter.

As a company, it is our goal to provide unparalleled service, right along with the best gutter guard on the market. Every day, we are proud to receive positive testimonials and Leaffilter reviews from homeowners across the nation. Read a sampling of our customers’ LeafFilter gutter protection reviews below:


Leaf Filter Gutter Protection utilizes the most advanced micromesh technology to keep out leaves, debris, dirt, and shingle grit — proven to protect your home from the damage of clogged gutters. Read the following Leaf Filter reviews to hear what homeowners have to say about our product:


Through every step of our process, we place the custom experience as our #1 priority, which is why we have been able to gather so many positive Leaffilter Gutter Protection reviews over the years. Every Leaf Filter review that we receive only confirms that we are 100% committed to each and every one of our customers. Read the following Leaffilter reviews about working with our company:


The certified LeafFilter North installers are knowledgeable, experienced, and are equipped to provide a professional customer experience. We are dedicated to helping homeowners protect their home from serious and costly roof, structural, and foundation issues. Read the following Leaf Filter Gutter Protection reviews about experiences with our installation team: