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Busted: 5 Common Gutter Guard Myths

March 9, 2024
Amanda Curry
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As a homeowner, researching gutter protection can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. There are many different guides and resources out there that can provide conflicting information, so it can be difficult to understand what’s really true. Here at LeafFilter, we feel that it is our mission to divide fact from fiction. We’ve unveiled the gutter guard myths so you aren’t duped by these common misconceptions.

Importance of Gutter Guards

Myth #1: “I don’t have any trees so I don’t need gutter protection.”

Even if you don’t have trees, there are other unsuspecting gutter clogs that can cause more than just headaches. While properties with fewer trees may require fewer cleanings, they still need regular maintenance and inspections. These unsuspected gutter clogs include:

-Storm Debris: Strong winds can carry more than just tree debris to your gutters – they can carry dirt, twigs, nests, and shingle grit.

-Pesky Visitors: As the weather gets cooler, animals and other insects are going to look for a warm place to snuggle up. Or even worse, plant a nest. Trust us, you don’t want these critters making a home in your gutters.


LeafFilter is beneficial for homeowners who do not have trees because it alleviates the headaches that come with other gutter-clogging debris. With a micromesh that is 50 microns fine, nothing but water will enter a LeafFilter-protected gutter!


Myth #2: “Installing under my roof or shingles is fine.”

Other gutter guard companies will tell you that it is fine to install under your roof or shingles. However, this can create two serious problems:

  1. It voids your roof warranty. Many shingle manufacturers have verbiage in their warranties warning against disturbing your shingles after installation.
  2. It can create a very steep slope to your gutter protection. Because other gutter guard systems must be installed under your first row of shingles, the angle of your gutter protection will depend on the plane or slope of your roof, causing severe water runoff since the angle of installation may be too steep.


LeafFilter does not impact your roof or shingles. Instead, LeafFilter is manufactured with an 11-degree pitch, proven to be the perfect angle for maximum water collection. This angle also ensures that you do not experience any water runoff.


Myth #3: “I’ll need all New Gutters.”

Some gutter guard companies require you to purchase all-new guttering – even if your gutters are brand new! New gutters cost thousands of dollars.


LeafFilter installs on your existing gutters – which can save you thousands!


Myth #4: “Gutter Guards are ineffective.”

Well, this is partly true. Some types of gutter guards are ineffective.

  • If you are considering a gutter guard with holes, gaps, or openings – debris will still enter and clog your gutters.
  • Foam and brush gutter guards will trap leaves, debris, and dirt, causing “gutter gardens,” further clogging your gutters.


LeafFilter is the ultimate choice in gutter protection. With no holes, gaps, or openings, LeafFilter is the most effective gutter guard on the market.


Myth #5: “All gutter guard warranties are the same.”

This simply is not true.

DIY gutter guards are typically short-term solutions that will need to be removed and replaced when they become clogged. DIY gutter guards are typically not equipped with a warranty because of their short lifespan.

Professionally installed gutter guards vary with their warranties. Many gutter guards include fine print that says “If the gutter clogs, the installing dealer will clean your gutters for free.” However, the problem is, that many homeowners may not realize they have a clogged gutter until it is too late.


LeafFilter offers a lifetime, transferable money-back guarantee – making it the best in the industry.

If at any time LeafFilter allows your gutter to clog with debris, fill with water and overflow, LeafFilter will refund 100% of the material purchase price. Additionally, if your home sustains any interior water damage from such an occurrence, the manufacturer will pay your homeowner’s insurance deductible up to $2,000.