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What You Need To Know About Pests In Gutters

October 21, 2023
Jeremy Hough
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You know how it goes: it’s a beautiful Saturday, and you climb up a ladder to take a look at your gutters, only to discover some uninvited guests have taken over. Little did you know, there’s a party going on inside your house gutters, and pests in gutters can cause many costly problems – not just clogs – as well as carry diseases.

Mosquitoes find standing water an ideal breeding ground. When gutters are clogged, the water that accumulates makes a perfect environment for mosquitoes to multiply. Termites find the moist, softened wood around clogged gutters an irresistible place to live as well. They can cause extensive damage to roofs, and can eventually compromise the wood construction of a house or building, causing expensive repairs and reconstruction.

Ants can also inhabit gutters, creating colonies that can become costly to remove and destructive to existing structures. What’s more, some ants bite humans as well as pets and may cause pain and irritation.

And, there are pests of the buzzing, and stinging, variety – bees, wasps and hornets. Not exactly the type of house guests you want living near your doors and windows. Once a hive is formed it’s not a fun, or easy, process to remove and may require hiring a professional exterminator.

Birds may also live in your house gutters. Bird droppings are considered hazardous, and can cause diseases, such as respiratory infection, skin diseases, encephalitis, and asthma. Birds may also carry mites and parasites that are invisible to the naked eye, which may lead to many allergic reactions and infections.

Keeping Pests out of Your Gutters

House gutters must be free from debris – including leaves, branches, dirt, pests, or other insects in order to function properly. Any clog can cause an accumulation of water that may result in roof problems such as leaks, structural damage, and electrical troubles. Therefore, it is very important to keep the gutters free from anything that may cause obstructions.

To prevent pests and other debris from clogging gutters, check gutters regularly and remove all debris and dirt – especially before a rainy season. A clean and clog-free gutter may prevent you from acquiring diseases and will save money from costly repairs to your roof and other vital parts of your home.

Another option for preventing pests in house gutters is to install gutter guards. There are a few key things to look for if you go this route. Make sure that there is no opening wide enough for a bug to into. For example, if one bee can get you might end up with thousands of bees. Openings in gutter guards, like those that are found in many do-it-yourself systems and professionally installed reverse curve systems, will allow pests to enter your gutters. And once they’re in your gutters they aren’t going anywhere.

LeafFilter guarantees that nothing but water will ever enter your gutters. LeafFilter is a completely sealed system – no holes or openings guarantee that only water gets into your gutters. Keep your gutters clog-free and pest-free with LeafFilter gutter guards!