Senior Resources

LeafFilter’s senior resources provides helpful hints for aging in place. LeafFilter recognizes the importance of assisting seniors as they age. This section discusses aging in place home remodeling, technology, planning, safety, and more to help seniors maintain their independence by remaining in their home as they age.

Universal Home Remodeling – Aging in Place Tips

Remodeling a home in order to age in place often requires structural changes like widening doors and removing walls, particularly to allow wheelchairs and other mobility devices to enter a room with ease. However, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate aging in place elements into a remodel without changing a home’s layout. Here…Read More

7 Tech Advances that Will Change Seniors’ Lives

Undoubtedly, technology is changing everyone’s lives, but more specifically, there are a few technological advances that will be especially life-changing for seniors and retirees. As life expectancy continues to rise, advancing technology is transforming the lives of seniors, making it easier and more fulfilling. This trend is likely to continue in the future. Here are…Read More

Aging in Place in a Multi-Level Home

Aging in place is becoming more popular among seniors that are looking to maintain their independence by aging in their home rather than moving to a senior living community. Being able to remain in your home for life is what many people want, but it’s not ideal if the home isn’t accommodating. One of the…Read More

Creating the Aging in Place Bathroom

Seniors who wish to remain in their own familiar environment as they grow older may want to age in place. Some home improvements and updates may need to be made before a home is safe for aging in place, but the effort is well worth it when you consider the benefits like improved mental health,…Read More

How to Support Aging Parents

It’s a harsh reality but one day our parents won’t be able to drive, climb stairs, or even feed themselves. As difficult as it is to think about this, it’s important to help aging parents be comfortable and prepare for their last stages of their lives. You may not know exactly how to lend a…Read More

Benefits of Aging in Place

There’s no question that aging in place is appealing to many individuals. In fact, 90 percent of people over 65 want to live in their home and community as long as possible, according to a survey released by the AARP Public Policy Institute. Moreover, a whopping 80% believe they will stay in their home until…Read More

Top 3 Tips for Successfully Aging in Place

Aging in place has become increasing popular among seniors that are looking to remain in their home as they age. Many individuals opt to age in place in order to maintain their independence and be more comfortable in their own environment. LeafFilter has created this infographic to help you or a loved one successfully age…Read More