While cost-effective and convenient to purchase and install, homeowner solutions are mass produced without any custom fitting to the structure of your home. Frequent scheduled maintenance and possible replacement are needed to ensure a system’s effective use. For homeowners looking for guaranteed clog-free gutters, a DIY system will fall short of their expectations. During your comparison research of gutter covers, it is important to consider the pros and cons of DIY gutter guard systems.

metal screen gutter guards lead to debris in gutters

Metal Screen Gutter Guards:

Metal Screens can be found at any major home improvement store. They are typically made out of a steel or aluminum frame and are about 4 feet in length. They install on top of your existing gutter system with no disturbance to your shingles or roofing material and are relatively easy to install. Unfortunately, because of their large openings, debris will get stuck on top of the screen and clog your gutters. Read More

small whole gutter guards can invite small items to clog gutters

Small Hole Gutter Guards:

This type of gutter protection is a three to four-foot plastic panel that features small openings near the front edge. The design intends for only water to enter the small holes while other debris will be washed off the edge. Installation varies and includes snap-on and screw-on systems.Read More

a gutter brush is a short term solution

Gutter Brush or Pipe Cleaner Gutter Guards:

Gutter brush, or pipe cleaner gutter guards, are a tube with numerous spikes protruding in all directions – like a large pipe cleaner – that is placed into your gutter system. The intent is for the spikes to repel debris away from your gutter system. It seems like a simple solution, but there are some serious flaws and concerns.Read More

large openings cause debris t o enter plastic screen gutter guards

Plastic Screen Gutter Guards:

Plastic screens are similar to metal screens, except a plastic frame is used. The installation is usually based on sliding or snapping into place, no screws needed. Plastic such as vinyl or uPVC are suitable for exterior home use. Plastic screens are available in either 3-4 ft. panels or rolled bundles of 6-20 feet. Unfortunately, because of their large openings, debris will still enter these gutter covers and clog your gutter system. Read More

foam gutter guards can cause unwanted growths in your gutters

Foam Gutter Guards:

Most foam gutter guards use an open-cell, polyurethane insert – a foam material – that is placed into your gutters. The Foam is placed into your gutters with the intent of allowing water to drip through while keeping debris out. During your comparison research of gutter covers, you may realize that the foam will trap seeds, and with the addition of water, weeds, plants, and trees will grow inside of your gutter.Read More