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High-quality Austin Gutter Guards by LeafFilter, backed by a no-clog guarantee

Austin’s weather can be a challenge, but LeafFilter’s warranty-protected system allows only water to filter through your gutters where it is filtered AWAY from your home’s foundation. Whether you experience pine needles, heavy leaves, spinners, shingle grit, or more, you can feel confident our patented system will keep debris from building up inside your gutters.

Get Clog-free Gutters with LeafFilter in Austin

Our simple 3-step process gives you peace of mind and protects your wallet from the costly repairs of water damage from clogged gutters. We’ll clean out your gutters, realign and fix your gutters as needed, and install our award-winning LeafFilter Gutter Protection on your Austin home in as little as 6 hours.

No-Clog Guarantee
Installs In As Little As 6 Hours
Professional Gutter Cleaning Included
Proven Technology
Join countless Austin neighbors in protecting your home!
“The estimator was very knowledgeable. He answered all the questions that I had, including some that I didn’t know I had.”
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“Great product by a great company. Price was right, 0% financing, and lifetime guarantee.”
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Our Story

In 2005, founder Matt Kaulig started LeafFilter Gutter Protection from his home’s basement. Fast forward to today, LeafFilter has grown from one small office in Hudson, Ohio to hundreds of offices across North America, serving millions of homeowners. Now considered the leading gutter protection company in the country, LeafFilter of Leaf Home is proud to offer the best gutter protection system on the market with patented technology designed to keep your gutters clog-free – guaranteed.

How can LeafFilter Gutter Guards protect you in Austin’s climate?

While Austin has a warm climate year-round, it still gets its share of extreme weather, including extreme rainfall and debris. Many areas of Austin also have heavy tree cover, which leaves gutters vulnerable to leaves, twigs, and debris. Installing a gutter guard system on your Austin, Texas home provides a permanent solution to clogged gutters.

Gutter guards fit over or inside your existing gutters to block dirt, leaves, pine needles and other debris from entering your gutters, which allows rainwater to flow freely through your gutters. The rainwater then flows into downspouts and away from your home, which prevents any water damage. What’s more, not having to clean gutters, saves the hassles (and dangers) of climbing ladders, where you risk a fall or injury.

For Austin homeowners, investing in gutter guards means less time spent manually cleaning dirt and leaves out of your gutters multiple times per year, or regularly paying gutter cleaning providers. And if you hire professionals, installing gutter guards means a big savings on gutter replacement or cleaning. Check out our excellent customer reviews for Austin gutter guards, and schedule your free quote!

LeafFilter: Austin Gutter Guards Experts

If there’s a place where gutter guard installation is recommended, that’s Austin, Texas! Gutter guards are protective screens, attached to existing gutters, that reinforce gutter protection by preventing debris buildup, managing the flow of water, and making frequent gutter cleaning and gutter repair a thing of the past!

So, why is Austin in need of gutter protection? Despite averaging less than one inch of snow per year, the city experiences 35.5” inches of rain annually, as well as average annual temperatures spanning 53ºF to 85ºF. Heavy rain is dangerous for unprotected gutters because it can easily create clogs, leading to water damage. In extreme cases, Austin homes may even suffer structural damage, with homeowners being forced to buy new gutters.

Clogs in Austin are also particularly dangerous due to the local tree population. With canopy coverage of 41% (and going up to 50% according to Austin’s government), the city’s debris count is heavy. Finally, Austin (and central Texas in general) is heavily affected by oak wilt, a disease that makes trees shed even more leaves.

LeafFilter Gutter Protection in Austin, Texas

LeafFilter Gutter Protection Austin


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Frequently Asked Questions About Austin Gutter Guards

What’s the best gutter guard system for Austin, Texas homeowners?

LeafFilter’s patented gutter system, including fascia-board structural hangers, is the best gutter guard option for Austin, Texas homeowners. LeafFilter offers easy gutter installation services and a lifetime warranty, and our products are made of high-quality micro-mesh and stainless steel materials.

LeafFilter’s micro-mesh gutter guards are especially good at managing water flow, while its surface-tension screens prevent debris from entering the gutters and downspouts. This reduces debris buildup and water damage drastically, finally putting an end to clogged gutters in Austin, Texas! Some gutter maintenance is still required, but a lot less than without gutter guards.

What’s the best season for gutter guard installation in Austin?

Fall is the best season for gutter guard installation in Austin, especially if made before most trees shed leaves and pine needles. This way, Austin homeowners can get clean gutters and new gutter guards simultaneously by getting rid of post-spring debris during the installation. The fall in the city is also characterized by predictable, mild weather (unlike the summer or winter), which makes the job easier.

What other service areas do LeafFilter’s gutter services cover near Austin, Texas?

In addition to Austin, LeafFilter’s home-improvement services also cover neighboring locations such as:

  • Pflugerville
  • Kyle
  • Round Rock
  • Leander
  • Lakeway
  • Dripping Springs
  • Cedar Park
  • Buda

In the state of Texas, LeafFilter’s services can be found in cities such as Dallas, Beaumont, Carrollton, Midland, and Houston. Multiple offices are available all over the U.S. map, from California to New York.

Get a free quote right now by entering your postal code on the website and finding out more about your home’s gutter project. With LeafFilter’s seamless gutter system, your Austin, Texas’ gutters will be stronger and more well-protected than ever!

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