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LeafFilter’s 3-piece system is scientifically engineered to perform throughout all seasons, allowing only water to filter through your gutters and be moved AWAY from your home’s foundation. Whether you experience pine needles, heavy leaves, spinners, shingle grit, or more, you can feel confident our patented system will keep debris from building up inside your gutters.

Get Clog-free Gutters with LeafFilter in Eau Claire

Our simple 3-step process gives you peace of mind and protects your wallet from the costly repairs of water damage from clogged gutters. We’ll clean out your gutters, realign and fix your gutters as needed, and install our award-winning LeafFilter Gutter Protection in as little as 6 hours.

No-Clog Guarantee
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Proven Technology
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Our Story

In 2005, founder Matt Kaulig started LeafFilter Gutter Protection from his home’s basement. Fast forward to today, LeafFilter has grown from one small office in Hudson, Ohio to hundreds of offices across North America, serving millions of homeowners. Now considered the leading gutter protection company in the country, LeafFilter of Leaf Home is proud to offer the best gutter protection system on the market with patented technology designed to keep your gutters clog-free – guaranteed.

LeafFilter: Eau Claire Gutter Guards Experts

There are several ways of investing in gutter protection, from buying new gutters to installing gutter covers. However, gutter guards are the best cost-benefit solution for Eau Claire, Wisconsin homeowners. They can be incorporated into existing gutters, with no messy and pricey home improvement projects, and they are extremely effective at dealing with Eau Claire’s heavy rain.

Eau Claire experiences close to 40” of precipitation annually on average, and that’s a problem for local gutters. When it rains a lot, the debris that got stuck in the gutters creates clogs, leading to blockages in the downspouts, dirty gutters, and, in the worst case scenario, serious water damage to home exteriors, gardens, and roof shingles and soffits. Moreover, Eau Claire experiences significant snow during the winter months, which can cause clogs in debris-filled gutters.

LeafFilter is a leading gutter guard company with offices in Eau Claire and several other Wisconsin locations. Offering a lifetime warranty and discounts for seniors, LeafFilter lets you get a free quote for your Eau Claire home right now via our website!

Why Use Gutter Guards in Eau Claire?

By keeping debris out, gutter guards help to prevent clogs inside your gutters and significant water damage that can result, such as rotting fascia boards, flooded basements and cracking foundations. Gutter guards also prevent pine buildup, which is a serious concern in Eau Claire’s highly variable climate.

So how do you choose the best gutter guards in Eau Claire? Here are some important questions to ask when choosing a gutter guard.

  • How well do they keep leaves and debris out of gutters? Gutter guards should keep most leaves, pine needles and other debris from clogging gutters. The best gutter guards block debris as small as pollen and shingle grit from entering your gutters.
  • Do they fit your existing gutters? Homeowners in Eau Claire want to know if a particular gutter guard brand will properly fit their current gutter type and size.
  • Are they durable? High quality gutter guards are made of durable materials like surgical grade stainless steel micromesh and uPVC frames that won’t warp or deteriorate.
  • Will they prevent ice dams? Some specially designed gutter guards can help minimize ice buildup in cold climates.
  • Do they come with a warranty? Good gutter guard brands often come with warranties against defects or clogging. The best gutter guard solutions are backed by a lifetime warranty.
LeafFilter Gutter Protection Eau Claire, Wisconsin

LeafFilter Eau Claire

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eau Claire Gutter Guards

What’s the best type of gutter guard for Eau Claire homeowners?

LeafFilter’s micro-mesh gutter guards are the best type of gutter guards for Eau Claire homeowners for the following reasons:

Micro-mesh guards include surface tension pads that manage water flow and prevent clogs in the gutters. For this reason, they’re the best gutter guards for dealing with Eau Claire’s frequent heavy rain.

They’re made of quality materials such as stainless steel and uPVC, which are both resistant and durable. They directly increase the lifespan of existing gutters, adding an extra layer of protection against all elements.

They include professional installation services, so you don’t have to do anything to get seamless gutter guards for your Eau Claire home!

Why do Eau Claire homeowners, specifically, need to have a good gutter system?

Eau Claire homeowners should have a good gutter system because they live in a city that’s prone to heavy rain and has dense vegetation. These two factors combined are can put significant strain on existing gutters, leading quickly to debris buildup and subsequent water overflow. Pine needles, seed pods, and other debris accumulate in the gutters and block the passage of the water.

Eau Claire also experiences significant seasonal variations, and they can harm local gutters. Without gutter guards, for example, Eau Claire homeowners will be required to perform gutter cleaning much more often.

What locations are covered by LeafFilter’s office in Eau Claire, Wisconsin?

Offering the best pricing and stellar gutter guard installation services, LeafFilter’s Eau Claire office is also available in several neighboring locations, including River Falls, Menomonie, and Chippewa Falls. In the state of Wisconsin, LeafFilter’s gutter services can also be found in Milwaukee, Altoona, Appleton, and Middleton.

To see if LeafFilter is available in your area, contact us or enter your postal code on the website. Get our high-quality gutter installation services now and make gutter repair a thing of the past for good!

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