LeafFilter vs. Lowe’s Gutter Guards

The low cost of DIY screen gutter guards and the convenience of purchasing the product at a big box store like Lowe’s attracts many homeowners looking for a quick fix. However, the benefits stop there.

Screen gutter guards made from aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel are a temporary solution that require frequent cleanings. With no warranty to cover this recurring cost, any initial savings with a DIY gutter guard will eventually be worthless.

Compare the benefits of LeafFilter versus DIY Screen Gutter Guards from Lowe’s below.

LeafFilter Leaf

Keeps out All Debris
Completely Enclosed System
Durable, Long-Lasting Materials
Cleaning, Sealing, Realignment & Reinforcement Included with Installation
Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Not A Permanent Solution

Gutter screens purchased from big box stores like Lowe’s are made from plastic or metal are not built to last. These flimsy gutter guards are inexpensive and will fail over time.

Cross-section of a white k-style gutter topped with a flimsy DIY screen
Cross-section of a white gutter clogged with debris and a flimsy screen

Screen Gutter Guards Are Flimsy & Lack Support

DIY screen gutter guards from Lowe’s use cheap materials and lack additional support. As debris piles on top, the weight of the debris will cause these plastic or metal screens to cave in or collapse — making them completely useless.

Features Large Holes, Gaps, Or Openings

DIY gutter guards from Lowes are not completely sealed and can feature large holes or openings that allow debris, leaves, and shingle grit into your gutter.

Cross-section of a white k-style gutter topped with a clogged and collapsing flimsy DIY screen

Skip The DIY Products – Hire A Pro

While some projects are better to DIY, others are better left to the pros. You’ll have to install plastic or metal gutter guards yourself, which is not only risky and requires you to climb the ladder but can cause potential installation errors that make your product work ineffectively.

DIY Gutter Guards Typically Do Not Offer a Warranty

The measure of a gutter guard’s effectiveness will be the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Screen gutter guards made from aluminum or cheap stainless steel sold at major home improvement stores typically do not offer a warranty. If you have a problem with your system, there will be no one to turn to.

Icon illustration of a warranty in a green prohibition sign

Brightly colored fall leaves
A cut-away view of Gutter with Leaf Filter installed letting only water through

LeafFilter: There Is No Comparison

There’s no question about it – LeafFilter is the best gutter guard on the market. The proven 3-step installation process combined with a superior product design provide unparalleled protection from the damages of clogged gutters. Even better, with a lifetime, transferable warranty, LeafFilter will provide you with peace of mind that your home – and your family – will be protected for life.

So skip the DIY gutter guards and choose LeafFilter.

LeafFilter Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

With our lifetime, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your gutters and entire home are protected for life.