With the Sears Tower, the first aquarium, and the world’s largest public library, Illinois has no shortage of fun activities and sights to see. Most Illinois tourists typically plan their visits around the weather since the state is known for its whirlwind weather conditions that include major winter storms, deadly tornadoes and heat and cold waves.

Illinois residents, however, get to experience a little bit of everything, activity-wise and weather-wise. Therefore, it is especially important for Illinois homeowners to be properly prepared for any harsh weather that may occur. The first way to prepare for any kind of expected weather condition is to invest reliable gutter protection.

LeafFitler™ Gutter Protection installs the #1 professionally installed gutter guards. Now with 37 offices serving [lf_states_served], LeafFilter™ stands behind their gutter guards with a lifetime, transferable warranty.

There is no need to buy new gutters when choosing LeafFilter™ because the product installs on top of existing gutters. It is the only micro-mesh gutter guard that will not disturb your roof material or void your roof warranty. To make the installation process even more efficient, we will clean your gutters and downspouts, adjust and realign any bowing or sagging sections and seal any leaks.

Independently tested and proven, our gutter protection system has no holes, gaps or openings. Only water can enter your gutters through the 50 microns thin micro-mesh screen. The gutter guard screen is made out of stainless steel and will never rust or corrode. The subtle drip edge on the front of LeafFilter™ helps keep the front of the gutter clean and leaves, pine needles and other debris out.

LeafFilter™ continues to maintain a high level of quality control and service by not relying on an independent dealer network. We work with a wide variety of roofing material and keep a low-profile to not disturb the curb appeal of your home.

We want you to stay safe and on the ground while LeafFilter™ employees make sure you never have to clean your gutters again. Learn how we can make this a reality for you by calling 1-800-290-6106.