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Gutter Guards & Maple Spinners

gutter guards and maple spinners
October 21, 2023
Amanda Curry
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Do you live in an area with plenty of maple spinners, maple seeds, helicopters, whirligigs, or whatever they are called in your town? If so, you may wonder if they will stay out of your gutters this spring season.

The truth is that maple seeds can easily clog gutters thanks to their slim and narrow design and tendency to follow rainwater wherever it goes. Fortunately, a high-quality guard gutter guard product can stop these maple spinners from clogging your gutters so that you can enjoy clean gutters as the warmer months make their debut.

How LeafFilter Keeps Maple Spinners Out

LeafFilter gutter guards were designed to keep all types of debris, including small ones like maple seeds out of your gutters. The holes on these micro mesh gutter guards are 50 microns fine, preventing even the tiniest of debris from making its way into your gutters. Additionally, LeafFilter is comprised of surgical stainless steel so that nothing, including maple seeds, sticks to the material.

Unlike other DIY brands and competitor gutter guards, LeafFilter gutter covers feature no holes, gaps, or openings so that leaves, pine needles, shingle grit, and even maple spinners have no chance of entering and clogging your gutter system.

Since our gutter guards were engineered to be installed on your existing gutters, you won’t have to invest in a brand new gutter system just so you can reap the benefits of our product and keep your gutters free of maple spinners and other debris.

Other Benefits of LeafFilter

Aside from keeping maple seeds out of your gutters this spring, LeafFilter will eliminate the daunting chore of gutter cleaning from your homeowner’s to-do list. A one-time investment in our cutting-edge gutter guards will save you from the expense, time, and danger that comes with getting up on a ladder to clean your own gutters.

With LeafFilter, you will also prevent the costly and annoying home damages that are often caused by clogged gutters. Some of these damages include landscape erosion, basement flooding, mold and mildew, roofing damage, and foundation damage.

Our product is backed by a lifetime, transferable warranty, giving all customers a 100% money-back no-clog guarantee. Therefore, you have nothing to lose and clear, clog-free gutters as well as peace of mind to gain. If you’re interested in learning more about LeafFilter and what it can do for your gutters and maple spinners in your yard, request a free estimate today.