Bring Your Home Into The Modern Era With These Upgrades

The housing market, as you’ve likely noticed, is still recovering from its infamous crash. The future, many suspect, will lead to another crash… Baby Boomers’ homes, as it turns out, are often not attractive to Millennial buyers. Why is this? Young and first time homeowners look at outdated plumbing, for example, as a disaster waiting to happen. So how can you make your home more attractive to future buyers? It turns out, updating and upgrading your home is often easy and won’t break the bank.

Upgrade Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
Looking for a simple way to bring your home into the modern age? Minimize your home’s carbon footprint. You can start small by replacing old light bulbs with more energy efficient styles, or you may install a programmable thermostat that will allow homeowners to manage the temperature even when they’re at work or asleep.

Ceiling fans and insulation replacement may be next on your home’s energy efficiency list, but you may also decide to replace outdated appliances with more efficient versions. An energy-saving refrigerator can make a world of difference, believe it or not!

A bigger project might include installing new doors and windows to minimize the loss of heat. You may also choose to simply seal your existing structures⁠—both changes can truly make a difference.

Renovate And Remodel
Treat yourself to a bit of r and r after a renovate and remodel and you’re sure to notice stress melting away. Upgrading your space, like improving your energy efficiency, can start small. Upgrade cabinet hardware, adding accent lighting to your landscape, or simply painting doors and shutters can make a world of difference.

Moving into more expensive upgrades, you may choose to upgrade your garage door, add stone accents or veneer to the exterior of your home, or add a raised flower bed. All of these small-scale changes can add a great deal of curb appeal to your property.

When it comes to bigger renovations and projects, modern, airy, and low-maintenance should be at the forefront of your thoughts. These showers, for example, are an upgrade that is modern, chic, anti-microbial, and unlikely to alienate potential buys.

Maintenance-Free Is Key
As time passes, trends come and go. One thing that is proving to be sempiternal, however, is a trend toward making your home as maintenance-free as possible.

It is possible, believe it or not, to incorporate products into your home that lessen the efforts homeowners must put into upkeep. LeafFilter Gutter Protection is just one of many companies that will make your life as a homeowner easier by eliminating an unnecessary chore… in this case, it’s gutter cleaning. In other cases, you may find that fade-resistant lawn furniture or vinyl siding is making your home more maintenance-free. There are many products for your home, both interior and exterior solutions, that will lessen your responsibility as a homeowner and check a few items off your to do list.

While the housing market is changing, it’s easy to make your home attractive to potential buyers by bringing it into the modern age. Which of these upgrades will you be doing?