15 Things That You Could Be Doing Instead Of Gutter Cleaning

Now that you’ve permanently checked gutter cleaning off your to do list, you’ll find yourself with quite a bit of free time. The average homeowner cleans their gutters twice a year, although seasonal changes and proximity to trees can necessitate more frequent cleanings. Whether you’re simply freeing up a few hours a year or a few hours a month, you know have a chance to invest that time in yourself! Now is the time to explore a new place or invest in a new hobby, so we’ve assembled a bucket list to help you fill your free time.

  1. Take Up Glass Blowing
    Glassblowing most definitely requires a certain finesse, but local studios all across the globe offer interactive and hands-on opportunities to try it yourself. Instructional courses will often designate a particular design to focus on (such as decoration pieces, paperweights, cups, and vases), and they also frequently employ the assistance of several experts to ensure your safety and satisfaction.
  2. Explore A Local Museum
    There is so much value in local museums and educational institutions. Not only do they showcase fascinating pieces, but they also frequently offer a glimpse into the history and personality of your own community. We’re not just talking about art and history museums — there are countless unusual museums across the globe. Museums may focus on military memorabilia, local industry, organizations and lifestyles, and even the paranormal. You never know what is in your own backyard!
  3. Take A Goat Yoga Class
    Animals can be therapeutic. Their company comforts so many… and so, too, do physical activities like yoga! Goat yoga combines these comforting concepts in a magical way. Original Goat Yoga  TM has locations all across the nation, and local barnyards and yoga studios alike may offer their own take on this awesome concept.
  4. Find Freebies In Your Area
    Believe it or not, many companies and organizations offer free admission year-round or on select days. Tours and special events can be enjoyed at little or no cost to you, and some places offer “kids eat free” deals that can help families enjoy a special night out on a budget. Consult Google for local suggestions — TripAdvisor is also an awesome resource to check out authentic and unbiased reviews from visitors.
  5. Hunt For Local Waterfalls
    Once upon a time, Niagara Falls was a coveted honeymoon destination. While its popularity has faded in recent years, people still visit the site from all around the world just to experience its awe-inspiring landscape. Believe it or not, you can enjoy this same experience on a smaller scale in your own backyard. Every state has a waterfall or two that’s worthy of visiting. Ask your neighbors and friends for local suggestions, visit park district websites, and don’t be afraid to consult Google to find hidden wonders in your own backyard.
  6. Take Your Taste Buds On An International Tour
    The incredible thing about the modern world we live in is that borders no longer contain and separate cultures. Many countries are melting pots, and as such they boast their own ethnic neighborhoods with names like Little Italy, Chinatown, and Little India. If you have never visited these neighborhoods, you may be surprised to find that they boast some of the most authentic eats in the area. Explore a new restaurant and try something new!
  7. Road Trip To Scenic Overlooks
    After you visit area waterfalls, you’ll surely be craving more natural beauty. Scenic overlooks, whether on cliffs, bluffs, hills, or mountainsides, can invoke a sense of awe and offer you a meditative experience. Pack a picnic and go on an adventure in search of scenic views. Even if you do not pull over to take in the beauty, you will find that the windshield views and casual drive are rewarding enough.
  8. Pick-Your-Own At An Area Farm
    Each state has its own crops that put it on the economic map. Corn, soybeans, and other cash crops are frequently spotted in some of the biggest local farms. However, smaller local farms often grow berries, apples, peaches, and pumpkins that visitors can pick by hand. A Google search can reveal what is in season near you.
  9. Explore National Natural Landmarks Near You
    You’ve heard of National Parks, but what on earth is a National Natural Landmark? This program by the National Parks Service recognizes unique ecological sites in different states. Whether you are exploring a bog with rare plants or a site rich with fossils, you will find that our natural spaces are full of surprises.
  10. Go On A Haunted Tour
    History is fascinating, but haunted history is a whole new realm worthy of exploration. Local lore meets places of interest when it comes to hauntings. Many communities offer walking tours, dinners with psychics, and other exciting events. Cities with a particular reputation for hauntings, like Savannah, Georgia, may even offer unusual approaches like tours in a hearse.
  11. Shop At A Farmer’s Or Open Air Market
    Fresher is better. Anyone with a passion for cooking can tell you that the freshest ingredients possible help to make recipes magical. Many cities host farm markets year-round, even if winter weather prevents a prolonged grow season. Other destinations have markets that operate daily, serving an impressive selection of goods directly to locals.
  12. Treat Yourself To A Stay In A B&B
    You deserve a bit of rest and relaxation. There is a great deal of both in bed and breakfasts, which can be found in cozy Victorian homes and quirky destinations (like barns, castles, and tree houses). Some have in-house spas and hot tubs, and others feature extravagant gardens. Wherever you end up, bed and breakfasts turn into a home away from home for many people.
  13. Find A Bookstore Bar
    Is anything better than curling up with a glass of wine and a good book? Bookstore bars are both a bookstore and a place to indulge in libations, allowing you an unprecedented opportunity to travel to a brand new literary universe.
  14. Take A Trip Down The River
    Getting lost in nature is always fun. However, canoeing, kayaking, and all-day float trips allow you to experience the beauty of nature along the banks of a local river or stream. You may be surprised at what awaits discovery in your own backyard!
  15. Watch The Sunset
    Is anything more romantic than a sunset? In you previous travels on this bucket list, you’ll discover a number of pretty places that’ll speak to your soul. When you find one you like, remember it! If it has a west-facing view, it just might be the perfect spot to watch the sun melt into the horizon, leaving a plethora of stars in its wake.

There is so much more to life than chores. Now that you’ve permanently eliminated one of the more unfavorable and time-consuming points on your to do list, you deserve a bit of adventure. Which of these awesome festivities will be topping your new to do list?

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