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AAOS Educates Public on Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety Tips from LeafFilter
October 30, 2023
Amanda Curry
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The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, also known as AAOS,  has recently released an audio clip on the importance of ladder safety. Throughout the audio clip, the moderator mentions the dangers of clogged gutters. He also discusses how using a ladder to clean your gutters is a risky endeavor.  In the Ladder Safety Guide, AAOS outlines a number of safety measures that should be followed while using a ladder. Key takeaways from the ladder safety guide include:

  • Choose the correct ladder
  • Inspect the ladder prior to using it
  • Set the ladder up properly
  • Never use the ladder in high wind conditions
  • Only climb a ladder if a spotter is nearby
  • If you fall from a ladder and are unable to stand or walk, call for assistance or dial 911 if the condition is serious

As a national gutter protection company, we are huge advocates of ladder safety. We encourage homeowners to invest in our gutter guard system to avoid climbing up a ladder and suffering from serious injuries down the road. Gutter cleaning and dangerous ladders can be a thing of the past with the help of LeafFilter gutter guards.

Take a look at our ladder safety infographic for further information about the dangers of ladders.

ladder fall infographic

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