Getting To Know New England: Tiny House On The Road

The LeafFilter Tiny House is hitting the road, exploring the diverse landscape of the United States of America to learn about how gutter cleaning varies in different neighborhoods across the nation. With such a variety of climates, native trees, and indigenous animals, locals in certain communities are dealing with pine needle build up while others are digging out sun-dried debris to diminish risk of fire. LeafFilter is the only proven solution to eliminate  cleaning out gutters at your home, no matter which community you call home. 

New England is an incredible region in the United States, and it is home to some of the most iconic American landscapes. This east coast cluster includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire. In states like Massachusetts, which is home to Boston, the largest city in New England, many communities date back to the 1600s. 

While New England is largely known for its rocky coastlines, lighthouses, and rich history that’s intertwined with American identity, locals know that it has a landscape that’s truly diverse. The Appalachian Mountains border some states and extend into others, and the White Mountains are prominent in the extreme northeast. In fact, it was in the latter range where some of the most severe weather in the world occurs. On Mount Washington in the White Mountains, the second highest wind speed on Earth was recorded. 

Fortunately for locals, LeafFilter is able to withstand extreme weather. Thanks to internal hidden hangers, LeafFilter Gutter Protection secures to your fascia board, providing added strength to your gutter system. Plus, locals know in places like Massachusetts know that the region is full of gorgeous foliage

There is a great diversity of trees in New England, but nothing is quite as common as the red maple. Look how gorgeously these trees light up the New England landscape each fall in this CBS Sunday Morning news spot from a few years ago: 


LeafFilter’s surgical grade stainless steel screen is installed at the optimal angle to effectively shed debris of all sizes while accepting and managing water. Fall debris is no match for LeafFilter’s screen, and it is backed by a lifetime warranty with a clog-free guarantee to ensure your gutters remain clean and clear for the life of your home. 

Interested in learning more? Find out if LeafFilter serves your neighborhood! Oh, and keep your eyes peeled when you’re on the road… you just might spot the LeafFilter Tiny House en route to the next destination!