Entering The Iconic Pacific Northwest: Tiny House On The Road

The LeafFilter Tiny House has been all around the nation, meeting locals and learning about the unique debris they’ve been cleaning out of their gutters. Gutter cleaning differs from neighborhood to neighborhood in the United State of America, whether locals are dealing with the relentless chill in the Great Lakes snowbelt or the hot sun of the south. Today, the LeafFilter Tiny House is rolling into its final destination: the Pacific Northwest!

The Pacific Northwest, otherwise known as Cascadia to locals, is a gorgeous region. It includes the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, plus the province of British Columbia. While not necessarily a tropical vacation destination, there’s a great deal to love about this area. In addition to a rich culture dating back to the pre-Columbian era, this area has a unique landscape. In states like Washington, you will find volcanoes, mountains, rivers, and more.

In this area, there’s a bit of diversity when it comes to local trees and weather. Local gutters have to withstand the following factors: 


  • Heavy Rainy

    LeafFilter at the Bayou Boogaloo Music Festival

    In places like Seattle, heavy rainfall is common throughout much of the year. LeafFilter’s surgical grade stainless steel screen is reinforced by scientifically designed touchpoints on its uPVC screen, a combination that makes this gutter guard perfectly equipped to accept and manage water. 

  • Pine Needles

    Submitted by Tim Urban, Operations Manager

Pine needles can create a sticky, soupy mess when they pile up in gutters. Combined with sap and pine cones, these can spell disaster for unprotected gutters or for gutters protected with DIY guards. With LeafFilter’s angled installation, debris of all types will easily shed.

  • Seeds and other tiny debris

    Submitted by Tim Urban, Operations Manager

In a region with mighty and massive redwoods, sometimes the most insidious debris is the tiniest. Seeds come from trees, flowers, and even clever critters that are storing snacks for later. LeafFilter’s screen is only 275 microns fine, allowing it to keep out even the tiniest of debris.

Debris comes in all shapes and sizes across the nation, but LeafFilter comes with a lifetime, transferable warranty and a clog-free guarantee. Want to learn more about LeafFilter? We have over 85 locations across North America. Schedule your free estimate today