Why Do We Need Gutter Guards In Maryland?

Locals in Maryland love to watch the landscape change as seasons come and go, but nobody likes watching seasonal debris gather in their gutters. All sorts of debris can build up in any season, and even insects and birds may aim to make their home in your gutters. This causes headaches and potential for serious home damages.

    Gutter Cleaning: Why We Need It And Why We Hate It

    When you’re a homeowner in Maryland, one of the most dreaded household tasks is cleaning gutters. Cleaning your gutters is a dirty, disgusting task – and it can also be quite costly! It can cost you:

    • Valuable time if you choose to do it yourself

    • Potential injuries in the event of an unstable ladder and loss of balance

    • Thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your home if you hire someone else to clean it

    • Thousands of dollars in damages if you choose to forego gutter cleaning all together

    The Damage of Clogged Gutters

    When water is not diverted properly away from your home through your gutters, it can have serious, far-reaching consequences. Clogged gutters can impact you entire home resulting in serious dames like:

    • Rotting soffit on the roof of a house

      Rotting Fascia & Soffit

    • Asphalt driveway damage with cracking and water

      Heaving Driveway

    • Mold and mildew in the corner of a concrete basement

      Mold & Mildew Growth

    • Vacuum sitting in basement water

      Basement Flooding

    • Dirt and grass alongside a house showing erosion

      Landscape Erosion

    • Basement foundation wall cracking

      Foundation Issues

    • Bees nest inside of a gutter

      Insects & Pest Infestation

    • Shingle damage on a roof

      Roof Damage

    LeafFilter: A Permanent Solution To Clogged Gutters

    If left neglected, homeowners in can end up paying thousands and thousands of dollars in damages to correct issues caused by clogged gutters. There is an effective hands-free alternative to gutter cleaning in LeafFilter Gutter Protection!

    • Micromesh

      To protect your gutters from common debris, LeafFilter’s micromesh system is made out of a surgical grade stainless steel which will never rust or corrode, and nothing will adhere to the system.

    • uPVC Frame

      LeafFilter is made out of a durable uPVC material, which will never warp or deteriorate, and can handle the most extreme temperatures, including intense heat and the coldest winter weather.

    • Structural Hangers

      You won’t have to worry about your gutters pulling away from your home thanks to internal hidden hangers, which are securely fastened into your fascia board.

    Why LeafFilter is #1

    LeafFilter is the #1 consumer rated gutter guard on the market, and our local installation team in makes each installation a personal experience. We offer a lifetime, transferable money-back warranty, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that your gutters are protected for life.Unlike other gutter covers, LeafFilter features no holes, gaps, or large openings. In fact, the holes on the LeafFilter micromesh are only 50 microns fine, ensuring that not even the smallest seeds can make it into your gutters. Once installed onto your existing gutters, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again!

      LeafFilter Lifetime Warranty

      Lifetime Warranty

      With our lifetime, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your gutters and entire home are protected for life. 

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