Known for its Ohio State football rivalry and its major city, Detroit, being the car capital of the world, Michigan has a lot going for it. Sprinkle in the variety of weather patterns experienced by its homeowners and you have one busy state. Michigan homeowners often experience some of the snowiest and rainiest days of the year.

Therefore, gutter protection is vital in order to combat the state’s intense summer storms and hectic winter weather. LeafFilter™ is your answer to gutter protection perfection. LeafFilter gutter guards offer the very best gutter protection and ensure that you will never have to worry about clogged gutters again.

Cleaning your gutters is a dangerous and costly task that homeowners now have the ability to hand over to LeafFilter™. Our company now has 38 offices that serve [lf_states_served] to provide a top-notch gutter system for homeowners across the country. With more than 30 million feet of gutter guards installed on homes nationwide, we have the know-how and expertise to guarantee nothing but water will get into your gutters.

LeafFilter™ is a micro-mesh, stainless steel, gutter guard that attaches to your existing gutters, unlike competitors that install under your first row of shingles, voiding your roof warranty. Our micro-mesh filter is 50 microns fine so not even a grand of sand can get through. The subtle drip-edge of the front helps divert leaves, pine needles and other debris. We guarantee that only water will ever get through LeafFilter™.

During installation, homeowners will receive a free gutter cleaning, re-seal and realignment prior to the micro-mesh being installed to guarantee a completely sealed gutter system. Once the gutter guard is installed, all LeafFilter customers will receive your lifetime, transferable warranty. We will also inspect and test the product once it is installed.

LeafFilter™ is also offered factory-direct. We are represented by one, single accountable entity, LeafFilter™ North, Inc. By not relying on an independent dealer network, we have the ability to pass the benefits on to you while maintaining a high level of quality control and service.

Are you ready to get rid of your gutter issues once and for all? If so, call LeafFilter at 1-800-290-6106 to see how we can serve you.