New York

LeafFilter Provides Gutter Guards to New York Homeowners

With no shortage of sites to see and things to do, New York City has become a global power city. With a census population of 8.5 million, New York City is the most populous city in the United States. This powerhouse city makes up 40% of New York State’s population.

New York is no stranger to changing weather. From hot and humid summers, to cold and snowy winters, New York residents experience a variety of different weather patterns. New York City residents even experienced the wrath of Hurricane Sandy as it caused extensive destruction of the state’s shorelines. Flooding and high winds caused the majority of the damage for homeowners.

Upstate New York homeowners, those that live in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany, also experience Lake Effect rain and snow that can also cause significant home damage.

With the unexpected changing weather conditions, New York homeowners must take the necessary precautions to protect their homes. Diverting rainwater away from your home is one way to avoid hazardous and expensive damages. Furnishing your home with a professionally installed gutter protection system is one way to combat these home issues.

LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection is the #1 rated professionally installed gutter guard on the market. With no holes, gaps, or openings, LeafFilter™ is guaranteed to keep any and all types of debris out of your gutters.

LeafFilter’s micromesh screen installs on your existing gutters and provides homeowners with clog-free gutters for life. The gutter guard screen is made out of stainless steel that will never rust or corrode. No organic material will ever grow on it or stick to it. The subtle drip edge on the front of LeafFilter™ helps keep the gutter clean while pulling water into the gutter and diverting it safely away from your home.

Call LeafFilter’s Customer Service department to schedule your free LeafFilter™ estimate and gutter inspection at 1-800-290-6106.