Washington, located in the Pacific Northwest, includes diverse terrain that spans from the snow-capped Cascade Mountains to the forested area in the Puget Sound. Washington’s largest city, Seattle, is known for its thriving tech industry, coffeehouses, and rainy weather.

With all of the heavy rain that residents in Washington State receive, homeowners need to take proper precautions to divert water away from their home. If gutters and downspouts become clogged, and water accumulates around the base of the home, this can cause serious damage to the structure and foundation of your home.

LeafFilter™ understands the varying weather in the state of Washington – from heavy downpours to freezing winters to crippling droughts, our product can withstand the harshest of weather, and has been independently tested and proven to do so.

Our micro-mesh creates a completely sealed gutter system, preventing even the smallest of seed pods, shingle grit or pine needles from clogging your gutters. Our micro-mesh is 50 microns fine – so not even a grain of sand can get through it!

LeafFilter™ can save you thousands of dollars by installing on your existing gutters. But, if your current gutters are in need of replacement, we also offer new gutter installation with the purchase of LeafFilter™.

Also, every installation of LeafFilter™ includes a completely FREE gutter cleaning, gutter re-seal, and gutter realignment prior to our product being installed. This ensures that your LeafFilter-protected gutters will perform perfectly right away.

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Don’t leave your gutter system open to clogs and damage. Protect it with LeafFilter™.