Lacking a green thumb or need to boost your curb appeal on a budget? LeafFilter has the best resources for perfecting your landscaping. We’ll teach you how to create an enviable green lawn, spruce up your landscaping, and keep your grass looking fresh year-round.

Trimming Hedges 101

Unruly hedges can be a huge eyesore. Keeping them nicely groomed will drastically improve your curb appeal. You could hire a landscaper to trim the hedges for you, but it’s actually quite simple to do it yourself. Follow these four steps for perfectly trimmed hedges. 1. Get the right trimming tools You can trim your…Read More

Why is My Neighbor’s Lawn Greener Than Mine?

One day, you may look over at your neighbor’s lawn and realize that their lawn looks greener and far more appealing than yours. Although it may seem like you are both performing the same activities to care for your lawn, there are likely certain things that your neighbor is doing differently. Let’s take a closer…Read More

Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start thinking about your landscaping. Maybe you’re excited to get back out in nature, or perhaps you’re a little overwhelmed with all the chores you’ll have to do. Either way, this landscape maintenance checklist will help you stay organized so you can tackle it all…Read More

Grasscycling 101

Grasscycling is defined as the natural recycling of grass by leaving clippings on the lawn when mowing. When it is performed correctly, grass clippings will quickly decompose and naturally fertilize your lawn. It is an easy process that does not require any special equipment and offers a wide variety of advantages. Read on to learn…Read More

Natural vs. Artificial Grass

As a homeowner, you have two basic options for your yard. You can leave your natural grass in tact or convert it into artificial grass. There are a variety of factors such as maintenance, environmental impact, visual appeal, and cost that may lead you to choose one type of grass over another. Here at LeafFilter,…Read More

Plants That Naturally Repel Pests

As the summer season begins, many homeowners look forward to cookouts, parties on the patio, gardening, and quality time outdoors. Unfortunately, annoying pests may get in the way of some of these exciting summer pastimes. Believe it or not, some plants serve as natural pest repellants. Most of these plants offer the ideal combination of…Read More

Firesafe Landscaping Tips

The United States saw a long period of drought in 2015, which had widespread effects. Crop yields were limited, water supplies dwindled, and wildfires raged throughout the west. The spread of wildfire can be especially devastating. Luckily, homeowners can lessen their vulnerability to wildfires with a little planning. This summer, use the following firesafe landscaping…Read More

How to Fertilize your Lawn

Although your soil supplies some of the nutrients that grass needs, most soil needs nutrients throughout the entire growing season to maintain proper lawn care. A healthy and active lawn will require a blend of nutrients to keep it growing strong. Additionally, lawn fertilizer helps with: Recovery from pests and foot traffic Reducing and controlling…Read More

Prep Your Deck for the Summer Months

With the summer season fast approaching, you should be thinking about your deck. A deck is one of the greatest components of your home because it gives you a place to spend time outside, entertain guests, barbeque, and thoroughly enjoy nice weather. If you live in an area with brutal winter weather, your deck, especially…Read More

Weed Control 101

Weeds can be pesky intruders and a serious garden problem. They rob vegetable plants of sunlight, water and nutrients and provide a hiding place for insects. Even though weeds can be maddening and a headache to deal with, there are some ways to keep them under control. However, it’s important to take action while weeds…Read More