Professionally installed gutter guards are typically more of an investment than homeowner installed options. However, the professional systems all offer better clog protection, extended longevity and are backed by varying warranties. Homeowners looking for permanent or long-term gutter protection are best served by a professionally installed system. Understanding the pros and cons of each system is paramount to a homeowner selecting the gutter guard system that is best suited for their needs.

louver gutter guards lead to clogged gutters

Louver Gutter Guards:

Professionally installed louver systems feature a large opening that runs the entire length of the gutter guard. Because of the large openings in the gutter guards, the most common issue homeowners can expect to face with louver systems is clogged gutters. Read More

leaves and debris can enter reverse curve gutter guards

Reverse Curve:

For several decades, Reverse Curve, or Reverse Flow, gutter topper systems were the industry leader in professionally installed gutter guards.

With a reverse curve system the top of the gutters are completely sealed. Water flows to the front of the gutters where a curve leads to an opening that runs along the entire front edge of the gutter guard. The intent is that water will follow the path of the curve into your gutters while leaves and debris are pushed off the front edge. Reverse curve gutter systems are usually all-in-one pieces, requiring all new gutter installation with purchase.Read More

micro mesh gutter guards create a completely sealed system

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards:

The last category of professionally installed gutter protection that we will cover is micro mesh (also called micro screen or micro filter). A micro mesh gutter topper consists of two parts:

  • An ultra-thin (typically surgical steel) mesh
  • A frame that pulls water through the mesh and into the gutters.

Micro mesh gutter protection systems create a completely sealed system. The openings in the micro mesh are thin enough to keep out items as small as a grain of sand. As water flows off of your roof it is pulled into the micro mesh screen. Shingle grit, dirt, leaves…every type of possible debris either falls off the edge of the gutter or accumulates until a wind comes blowing.

The use of surgical grade steel (recommended) ensures that no organic material will grow on, or adhere to the surface. A micromesh gutter topper is usually installed on your existing gutters and does not require all new gutter installation with purchase.Read More