Improve Your Lawn This Spring

Here’s a few tips to help improve your lawn for springtime, and start becoming the talk of the neighborhood.

Pros and Cons Of Green Roof Systems

While green roofs have been respected in Europe over the past few decades, they have recently become popular in the United States. Also known as living roofs, a green roof is intended to grow plants and other vegetation, similar to a rooftop garden. Compared to other roofing options, green roofs are considered incredibly beneficial to… Read More

How to Hang Christmas Lights (& With Gutter Guards!)

As winter approaches, people all around the nation begin planning for seasonal decorating. Lights are particularly popular, and it is no secret why. Hanging Christmas lights can really transform the look and feel of your home, making it more festive and cozier than ever just in time for the holiday season. When hanging Christmas lights,… Read More

Gutter Cleaning FAQs

Gutter cleaning may seem like a simple task, but it’s not as easy as the pros make it look! If you’re considering DIY rain gutter cleaning, check out these frequently asked questions. By the end, you might just consider making the job a little easier on yourself by hiring a pro! How often do I… Read More

Gutter Cleaning Schedule

Gutter cleaning: a dreaded task that unfortunately has to be done multiple times per year. But oftentimes we fail to understand why gutters must be kept clear and clog-free and how it affects our home when left neglected. Many homeowners have wondered, “how often should I clean my gutters?” You’re not alone in wondering this,… Read More

How Much Do New Gutters Cost?

If you’re looking to replace your guttering, it’s important to keep budget in mind. Typically, you’ll need to budget for two things: Gutter installation cost — This covers the labor that it takes to put your new gutters up The cost of gutters and materials — This includes all materials needed during the installation process, from… Read More

Today Not Tomorrow: The Story Behind LeafFilter’s Success

Scaling from one home office to a top home improvement company in the nation is no easy accomplishment. Yet, that’s exactly what Matt Kaulig set out to do in 2005, while focused on selling only one product: LeafFilter Gutter Protection. Kaulig had worked for a remodeling company for several years in Akron, Ohio, before quitting… Read More

LeafFilter Extends Operations to Fort Myers

International home improvement company, LeafFilter North, LLC, has seen a year of unprecedented growth. Marking its 50th office opening just a few short months ago, the company has now announced the grand opening of its 53rd office. This expansion brings LeafFilter’s award winning, patented gutter protection system to Fort Myers, FL residents. The company’s surgical… Read More

5 Signs You Need a New Driveway

A damaged or outdated driveway can reduce the curb appeal of your home. It also presents liability issues as it may lead to injuries and property damage. If you’re concerned about your driveway and wondering whether it needs to be replaced, we are here to help. Here are five signs you may need a new… Read More