Team Spotlight: Leaf Home Product Development

At Leaf Home, innovation is an essential part of the day-to-day. Our teams pride themselves at exploring fresh, new ideas every day, but the product development team embraces the future with particular gusto. Today, we’re going to… Read More

Team Spotlight: LeafFilter of North New Jersey

At Leaf Home, our brands have a number of offices across North America. LeafFilter, established in 2005, has some of the longest-standing offices and employees as a result. Today, we’re going to hear from Dave Callahan,… Read More

Team Spotlight: LeafFilter of Sacramento

One thing that makes Leaf Home particularly special is its employees, local and corporate alike. Our employees at our local offices are diverse in terms of location and backstory, and today we sat down with… Read More

Team Spotlight: Today, Not Tomorrow in Connecticut

LeafFilter has offices across North America, but each one is unique in its culture. Today, we sat down with Matt Perillie, Operations Manager of our Cromwell, Connecticut office to learn more about LeafFilter life in the Northeast.  … Read More

Team Spotlight: Celebrating The Event Marketing Team

There’s something magical about connecting with the communities you serve. Nobody knows that truth quite like the Event Marketing Team at Leaf Home. This team spends time at events in and around their respective communities to… Read More