LeafFilter Gutter Guards in Chicago, IL

Trees are one of the most important natural resources in Chicago. Therefore, it is no surprise that Chicago is nicknamed “The Windy City.” With trees come leaves and when “The Windy City” is in full- wind speed, your gutters are bound to suffer from damage. In addition, ice cold winters and snow are nothing new to residents of Chicago and gutter damage during the winter months is inevitable.

In order to put your gutter worries to rest, reliable gutter protection in Chicago is a necessity. LeafFilter™ gutter guards are available to help Chicagoland residents resolve their gutter problems once and for all. From now on, spend your time shopping on Magnificent Mile, visiting Navy Pier or exploring the rest of what Chicago has to offer.

Chicago Gutter Guards by LeafFilter

Located in Lombard, IL, LeafFilter™ of Chicago services Midwest Chicago with Gutter Protection Perfection™. Independently tested and proven, our gutter guards are guaranteed to have no holes, gaps, openings or clogs.

Unlike competitor products, LeafFilter™ is installed on top of your existing gutters and never under your roof’s first row of shingles, to enable you to not void your roof warranty. With every professional gutter guard installation you will receive gutter cleaning, sealing and realignment at no extra cost. After installation, you will receive a lifetime, transferable warranty.

LeafFilter™ can save you thousands of dollars by installing on your existing gutters. If your gutters are in need of replacement, we also offer new gutter installation with the purchase of LeafFilter™.

Our micro-mesh system is made out of surgical grade stainless steel to ensure that it will never rust or corrode and that no organic material will grow on it. This state-of-the-art patented technology guarantees nothing but water will ever enter your LeafFilter™ protected gutters. The subtle drip edge on the front of LeafFilter™ helps keep the front of the gutter clean. Leaves, pine needles and other debris are diverted over the drip edge while water is pulled through the micro mesh screen into your gutters.

LeafFilter™ is also a no dealer network. We are the only installer of LeafFilter Gutter Protection in the nation, providing homeowners with one single point of contact for sales and service. By not relying on an independent dealer network, we pass the benefits on to you and maintain a high level of quality control and service.

Since 2005 we have revolutionized the gutter protection industry and are committed to providing the best customer experience along with the very best gutter protection product. We have also been recognized nationally as a Top Remodeler by numerous publications and have received awards and accolades for our product and quick growth.

With LeafFilter, you will no longer have to climb ladders to clean your gutters. Our team of professionals have the know-how and the expertise to guarantee nothing but water will get into your gutters.

You can now spend your free time enjoying your favorite pastimes. Visit our locations page to determine if our gutter guards are available in your area  and receive a free estimate by calling 1-800-290-6106.