LeafFilter Gutter Guards in Dallas, TX

Healthy mature trees can add an average of 10-15 percent to a property’s value and living in a home surrounded by trees is not uncommon in Dallas, Texas. With more trees come more leaves and an increasing need for reliable gutter protection. It is critical to have properly-installed gutters to avoid costly and dangerous yearly maintenance.

Dallas Gutter Guards by LeafFilter

LeafFilter of Dallas located in Grand Prairie, Texas provides homeowners with Gutter Protection Perfection. Independently tested and proven, LeafFilter™ is a permanent solution for clogged gutters and gutter cleaning.

With LeafFilter you will experience no clogs – nothing but water will ever enter your gutters because of our state-of the-art patented micro-mesh technology. The micro-mesh will never rust or corrode and installs directly on your existing gutters. Our micro-mesh system prevents even the smallest of seed pods, shingle grit or pine needles from clogging your gutters.

Unlike other gutter protection products, we do not install under your first row of shingles, allowing you to not void your roof warranty. Our gutter covers will prevent the headache of having to deal with roof, structural and foundation issues. Our team of professionals have the know-how and expertise to guarantee nothing but water will get into your gutters.

We are committed to providing superior customer experience along with the best gutter protection product. In addition, every installation includes gutter cleaning, sealing and realignment. LeafFilter™ has received numerous awards including being named a Top Remodeler by Qualified Remodeler and Remodeler 500, just to name a few.

Be sure to check out our locations page to find out if LeafFilter services your area. If so, reach out to us for a free in-home estimate by calling 1-800-290-6106 to learn how LeafFilter can save you time and money.