LeafFilter Gutter Guards in Kansas City, MO

LeafFilter provides services, sales, and installation of the #1 rated gutter guard system to homeowners in western Missouri and eastern Kansas from their office in Kansas City.

Residents in Kansas and Missouri can experience harsh winters, severe storms, wind, rain, and ice. In order to protect their home from the damage of clogged gutters, it is important to keep rain gutters clear of debris.

Gutter cleaning is not a permanent solution. In order to solve your problem of gutter cleaning once and for all, consider a professionally installed gutter protection system like LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection.

Missouri Gutter Guards by LeafFilter

LeafFilter’s professionally installed micromesh gutter protection system is independently tested and proven to keep debris out of gutters. With no holes, gaps, or large openings, LeafFilter™ gutter guards have been recognized as the #1 gutter protection on the market.

LeafFilter installs on your existing gutters to provide you with clog- free gutters for the life of your home. With hidden internal hangers, a surgical steel micro mesh filter, and a strong vinyl unibody, LeafFilter gutter guards will stand up to the harshest Midwest weather.

Unlike competitor products, LeafFilter gutter guards are never installed under your first row of shingles. Many homeowners do not realize that installing gutter guards under your first row of shingles actually voids your roof warranty! Instead, LeafFilter is installed at the same 11 degree angle every time for maximum water collection.

During installation, our installation team will clean, realign, and reseal your gutters, so that you are left with a completely sealed gutter protection system.

After installation, homeowners are presented with our industry-leading lifetime, transferable warranty that guarantees your gutters will be clog-free for life! We don’t limit our guarantee to “if” or “when” LeafFilter™ clogs we will clean it, because it is as effective as we say it is. Nothing will get into LeafFilter™.

To schedule a free LeafFilter estimate, contact us one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1-800-290-6106. Explore our locations page to find out if LeafFilter gutter guards are available in your area.