LeafFilter Gutter Guards in Long Island, NY

Residents of Long Island have to cope with extreme thunderstorms every year and with thunderstorms come heavy rain. It is important that homeowners in Long Island are well prepared with properly- working gutters. To prevent damage to your home and avoid expensive yearly gutter maintenance, gutter protection is a must-have.

Long Island Gutter Guards by LeafFilter

Hauppauge, New York houses LeafFilter™ of Long Island which serves the entire Long Island area, including the north shore and the south shore and from New York Harbor to the Atlantic sea. With LeafFilter™, you will again be able to ensure the safety and integrity of your home while gaining time for your favorite pastimes.

LeafFilter™ is the first, and best, micro-mesh guard. The micro-mesh is made out of surgical grade stainless steel to ensure it will never rust or corrode. The holes within LeafFilter™ are 50 microns thin – not even sand can get through.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service paired with a permanent solution to clogged gutters and gutter cleaning. Upon installation of LeafFilter™, each homeowner will receive a lifetime, transferable warranty. We don’t limit our guarantee to “if” or “when” LeafFilter™ clogs we will clean it, because it is as effective as we say it is. Nothing will get into LeafFilter™.

Unlike our competitors, we do not void your roof warranty because we install on top of your existing gutters, not under your first row of shingles. Installing on your existing gutters can save you thousands of dollars. But, if your current gutters are in need of replacement, we also offer new gutter installation with the purchase of LeafFilter™. To find out if our gutter protection system is available in your area, visit our locations page.