LeafFilter Gutter Guards in St. Louis, MO

Storms in the St. Louis area, especially in the spring, can often be severe, with high winds, large hail and tornadoes. Lying near the hotbed of the Tornado Alley, St. Louis is one of the metropolitan areas with most frequent tornadoes. Homeowners in St. Louis can experience a fair amount of snow, including freezing rain, ice pellets, and hail.

Because of the harsh weather in St. Louis, homeowners need to take measures to protect their home. For example, if water accumulates around your home, it can cause serious and costly home repairs and damages. Having a professionally installed gutter protection system, like LeafFilter, is one way to combat these issues.

LeafFilter of St. Louis Offers Top-Notch Gutter Guards St. Louis

LeafFilter™ of St. Louis provides sales, service and installation to homeowners in Eastern Missouri and Southern and Central Illinois including Springfield and Effingham, Illinois, and Jefferson City and Farmington, Missouri.

LeafFilter™ is a micromesh gutter protection system that is professionally installed on your existing gutters. The product features no holes, gaps, or large openings. LeafFilter™ effectively channels water into your gutters and diverts it away from your home.

LeafFilter is offered factory-direct. We cut out the middle-men and pass the savings on to you! By delivering our product factory-direct, we are able to maintain a high level of quality and service for our customers.

We offer a free gutter cleaning and realignment with every purchase of LeafFilter™. During installation, we never install LeafFilter under your first row of shingles. This can actually void your roof warranty and lead the product to be pitched improperly as it relies on the slope of your roof.

LeafFilter creates a completely sealed gutter protection system. No pests, debris, leaves, or shingle grit will ever enter your LeafFilter™ protected gutters. After installation, homeowners in Missouri and Illinois are presented with a lifetime, transferable warranty – guaranteeing that your gutters will never clog!

Make the investment and protect your home with LeafFilter™, the #1 rated gutter guard. Visit our locations page to find out if LeafFilter gutter protection is available in your area.